Theodor Mommsen Quotes

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The writer of history is perhaps closer to the artist than the scholar. -Theodor Mommsen
The ancient boundary of Italy on the north was not the Alps but the Apennines. -Theodor Mommsen
Individual tribes or, in other words, races or stocks, are the constituent elements of the earliest history. -Theodor Mommsen
Under the Julian and Claudian emperors, the Parthians seem to have been the leading power at the mouth of the Indus. -Theodor Mommsen
The battle of Varus is an enigma, not in a military but in a political point of view - not in its course, but in its consequences. -Theodor Mommsen
Marcus Crassus cannot, any more than Pompeius, be reckoned among the unconditional adherents of the oligarchy. -Theodor Mommsen
In the Roman commonwealth, even on the conversion of the monarchy into a republic, the old was as far as possible retained. -Theodor Mommsen
About the time of the expulsion of the Tarquins from Rome, the Etruscan power had reached its height. -Theodor Mommsen
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