Thom Tillis Quotes

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I resolve to work with my colleagues to succeed in producing the good rather than failing to produce the perfect. -Thom Tillis
Change, while sometimes good, is difficult to absorb. I think that a part of it is just having to see the results. -Thom Tillis
Nothing could be more important for a child affected by Zika virus than to have continuity of care, seamlessly from before birth to after birth. -Thom Tillis
As the economy turns, one of the most significant impediments to economic growth is going to be labor availability. -Thom Tillis
It's good, sound business to treat all the teachers fairly, and I think it's a good story to tell. -Thom Tillis
One of the problems fundamental to health care in the United States is access and cost. -Thom Tillis
Everyone knows that my key drivers to moving health care policies is improving access and reducing costs and improving outcomes. -Thom Tillis
The NRA is a true grass-roots organization, and the collective power of its membership is simply unparalleled. -Thom Tillis
When officers' actions violate their duty, justice should be served in accordance with our legal system. -Thom Tillis
If Israel did not exist, the United Nations would go out of business. -Thom Tillis
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