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It's nice to be able to forget. -Thomas Bangalter
Music was a vector that we wanted to build a universe around. -Thomas Bangalter
Technology is fascinating. -Thomas Bangalter
The spirit of house music, electronic music, in the beginning was to break the rules, to do things in many different ways. -Thomas Bangalter
The only secret to being in control is to have it in the beginning. Retaining control is still hard, but obtaining control is virtually impossible. -Thomas Bangalter
Daft Punk would not exist if there was no technology. -Thomas Bangalter
I remember when I was a kid, I would watch 'Superman', and I was super into the feeling of knowing that Clark Kent is Superman and no one knows. -Thomas Bangalter
Usually, the 24-hour, high-maintenance celebrity lifestyle can disconnect people from reality. -Thomas Bangalter
Skrillex has been successful because he has a recognizable sound: You hear a dubstep song: even if it's not him, you think it's him. -Thomas Bangalter
Technology is an interesting subject, people thinking: how much good, and how much bad, does it inherently carry? -Thomas Bangalter
There's a confusion sometimes with the laptop being the current tools and where electronic music initially comes from. -Thomas Bangalter
In 'Scream 2', they have this discussion about how sequels always suck. -Thomas Bangalter
When you look at C-3PO and Darth Vader and then look at the actors behind them, you can't really make the connection. It kills the magic. -Thomas Bangalter
Initially, electronic music was anti-establishment, as punk rock and rock n' roll were. The music was shut down; the police were against the parties. -Thomas Bangalter
Usually, a band 20 years into its existence doesn't put out its best records. -Thomas Bangalter
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