Thomm Quackenbush Quotes

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Which God is the forgiving one, exactly? Old Testament, where He got His rocks off by smiting? Or New Testament, once Our Heavenly Father got Prozac? -Thomm Quackenbush
I'm a holiday Christian at best and I'd never given much thought to demons. They were an adult version of the boogieman hiding in every kid's closet. -Thomm Quackenbush
Those who mouth your sacred words with an accent you deem wrong annoy you more than those speaking something you cannot understand. -Thomm Quackenbush
If you can't feel the touch of the gods on your own, it greatly behooves you to work on that before some lecher tells you his touch is just as good. -Thomm Quackenbush
The gods preferring their libations diluted with rainwater and mixed with freshly cut grass. -Thomm Quackenbush
They were once fairies and elves. Now they are creatures from beyond the stars because you no longer believe in anything but humans. -Thomm Quackenbush
The vampire community has enough problems. We don't need to add petty backbiting to it. -Thomm Quackenbush
Reason had no place to crash once Emotion came to town. -Thomm Quackenbush
Disbelief is the strongest tool in our arsenal. -Thomm Quackenbush
Take it with a whole shaker of salt, a grain won't be close to enough. -Thomm Quackenbush
Most magick I have experienced can be written off as a stew of psychology and coincidence, and I truly believe this is where magick is best worked. -Thomm Quackenbush
I have heard that Paganism is for broken people, but life cracks everyone in some way. We are a religion of healing people. -Thomm Quackenbush
None of us just pop into the world fully formed, so it's the little facts that make us. -Thomm Quackenbush
If I can alter my perception of the reality, I can change the reality itself. -Thomm Quackenbush
Do you want me because you love me or because I provide you normality drag? -Thomm Quackenbush
A goddess does not need to eat and does so only for her pleasure. -Thomm Quackenbush
Ethically, she couldn't cause the suffering of any living thing. Logically, bacon cheeseburgers were delicious. -Thomm Quackenbush
Opening her mouth to take a bite seemed forward. Chewing? Obscene. Mutual mastication was out of the question. -Thomm Quackenbush
Being kidnapped and abused by the undead was worse than calculus, but not by a wide margin. -Thomm Quackenbush
She wished she had eyes like her sister, huge and bright, constantly straddling the line between terrified child and ingenue. -Thomm Quackenbush
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