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Do yourself the ultimate favor... Go out and make the rest of your life the best of your life. -Timothy Pina
A Man is born and dies but what he does with his life in between will make him great. Go out... Live your life great! -Timothy Pina
It's This Simple... LOVE, LOVE And LOVE Again. Unconditional LOVE Is The Inspiration That Everyone In This World Needs. Especially Our Children. -Timothy Pina
Gratitude for the gift of life... is everything! -Timothy Pina
Want to help brighten humanity? Inspire children. What we teach children today... will help brighten our tomorrow's -Timothy Pina
God sees me through all my darkness... so why wouldn't I honor him by shining my light to help all in need! -Timothy Pina
Great HOPE + Extreme FAITH = MIRACLES So Go Out And Find Your MIRACLE Today -Timothy Pina
Being good to people is always better than giving any sermon. Being kind and caring to others speaks much greater than any words can ever do. -Timothy Pina
Don't Give Up... Just Always Keep Moving Forward In Your Life. Don't Ever Let Your Story End In Defeat! -Timothy Pina
When you look good... you feel good... you live good. -Timothy Pina
I will get fit or die trying! -Timothy Pina
Teach a child stress management and how to deal with his anger from very young and you will have one very successful child. -Timothy Pina
The quality of your life should get better as you get older and not worse. If not... start reevaluating your life. -Timothy Pina
Truth... Overcome the valley of your despair and it will lead you onto some of the greatest roads of your life! -Timothy Pina
Everyone wants to see change in their life but very few people want to be that change they are waiting to see. -Timothy Pina
This Christmas... Say a prayer for those in need. Be a friend to those in despair. Give all... the gift of peace! -Timothy Pina
Our dreams are full of magic that fuel our faith... so don't stop dreaming and don't ever stop feeding them. -Timothy Pina
It's another New Year's eve and time to make new resolutions. Promise wherever you are in life... to go out and find your beach! -Timothy Pina
Blessings to all who diligently work to help those in despair. Constantly shining light into our darken world! -Timothy Pina
Life is the greatest privilege that has no guarantees. So appreciate it, enjoy it and live it well! -Timothy Pina
Keep your head up, your eyes forward and your heart open. Great things are coming to you ahead on the roads of your life. -Timothy Pina
One Man's Dream Is Another Man's Nightmare... It's All About Your Prospective People! -Timothy Pina
The greatest thing we can give to anyone, that's free and never cost anything is HOPE. Give Others HOPE... Now that's some concept! -Timothy Pina
Let's get proof before a public hanging and not after it. -Timothy Pina
As long as you believe it... you can and will achieve it. Now that the ball is in your court... go for it! -Timothy Pina
Lighting your candle in a darken world... always helps brighten humanity. -Timothy Pina
Will all have troubles. But if you're grateful to be alive and positive enough to know you can change things around... guess what? You will! -Timothy Pina
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