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E-commerce is not an industry; e-commerce is a tactic. -Tobias Lutke
I am a worrier. I tend to do something about what I worry about. -Tobias Lutke
Everyone loves feeling comfortable. But it's actually completely useless. -Tobias Lutke
Being a start-up has nothing to do with the numbers. It's that everyone who works there has the chance to do everything and have an impact. -Tobias Lutke
I'm a liberally minded immigrant, leading a predominantly liberal workforce hailing from predominantly liberal cities and countries. -Tobias Lutke
Products are a form of speech, and free speech must be fiercely protected, even if we disagree with some of the voices. -Tobias Lutke
I never cared a lot for school. -Tobias Lutke
I never went to university. -Tobias Lutke
I think I probably had to start a company, because I don't think I can work for other people. -Tobias Lutke
My early interactions with VCs were really, really poor. -Tobias Lutke
I have serious, serious problems with personas - with unauthentic individuals. -Tobias Lutke
Different people need different kinds of communication for it to have the same effect. That was something I had to learn. -Tobias Lutke
It's not a principle unless it costs you something. -Tobias Lutke
Shopify has been a perpetually underestimated company at every point of its history. -Tobias Lutke
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