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I don't think people give Indian society enough credit. We may not like to talk much about things but we do, basically, want to live and let live. -Vikram Seth
God save us from people who mean well. -Vikram Seth
The ifs and buts of history... form an insubstantial if intoxicating diet. -Vikram Seth
Good books get praised, bad books get praised. Good books get ignored, bad books get ignored -Vikram Seth
There was just enough room for the tonga to get through among the bullock-carts, rickshaws, cycles and pedestrians who thronged both the road and the pavement-which they shared with barbers plying their trade out of doors, fortune-tellers, flimsy tea-stalls, vegetable-stands, monkey-trainers, ear-cleaners, pickpockets, stray cattle, the odd sleepy policeman sauntering along in faded khaki, sweat-soaked men carrying impossible loads of copper, steel rods, glass or scrap paper on their backs as they yelled 'Look out! Look out!' in voices that somehow pierced though the din, shops of brassware and cloth (the owners attempting with shouts and gestures to entice uncertain shoppers in), the small carved stone entrance of the Tinny Tots (English Medium) School which opened out onto the courtyard of the reconverted haveli of a bankrupt aristocrat, and beggars-young and old, aggressive and meek, leprous, maimed or blinded-who would quietly invade Nabiganj as evening fell, attempting to avoid the police as they worked the queues in front of the cinema-halls. Crows cawed, small boys in rags rushed around on errands (one balancing six small dirty glasses of tea on a cheap tin tray as he weaved through the crowd) monkeys chattered in and bounded about a great shivering-leafed pipal tree and tried to raid unwary customers as they left the well-guarded fruit-stand, women shuffled along in anonymous burqas or bright saris, with or without their menfolk, a few students from the university lounging around a chaat-stand shouted at each other from a foot away either out of habit or in order to be heard, mangy dogs snapped and were kicked, skeletal cats mewed and were stoned, and flies settled everywhere: on heaps of foetid, rotting rubbish, on the uncovered sweets at the sweetseller's in whose huge curved pans of ghee sizzled delicioius jalebis, on the faces of the sari-clad but not the burqa-clad women, and on the horse's nostrils as he shook his blinkered head and tried to forge his way through Old Brahmpur in the direction of the Barsaat Mahal.

Vikram Seth
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Is it not love that knows how to make smooth things rough and rough things smooth? -Vikram Seth
There was a few seconds' pause. Then Amit said: I meant, what were you thinking just now. When? said Lata. When you were looking at Pran and Savita. Over the pudding. Oh. Well, what? I can't remember, said Lata with a smile. Amit laughed. Why are you laughing? asked Lata I like making you feel uncomfortable, I suppose. Oh. Why? -Or happy-or puzzled-just to see your change of mood. It's such fun. I pity you! Why? said Lata, startled. Because you'll never know what a pleasure it is to be in your company. Do stop talking like that, said Lata. Ma will come in any minute. You're quite right. In that case: Will you marry me? Lata dropped her cup. It fell to the floor and broke. She looked at the broken pieces-luckily, it has been empty-and then at Amit. Quick! said Amit. Before they come running to see what's happened. Say yes. Lata had knelt down; she was gathering he bits of the cup together and placing them on the delicately patterned blue-and-gold saucer. Amit joined her on the floor. Her face was only a few inches away from his, but her mind appeared to be somewhere else. he wanted to kiss her but he sensed that there was no question of it. One by one she picked up the shards of china. Was it a family heirloom? asked Amit. What? I'm sorry-said Lata, snapped out of her trance by the words. Well, I suppose I'll have to wait. I was hoping that by springing it on you like that I'd surprise you into agreeing... Do stop being idotic, Amit, said Lata. You're so brilliant, do you have to be so stupid as well? I should only take you seriously in black and white. And in sickness and health. Lata laughed: For better and for worse, she added.

Vikram Seth
What is the difference between my life and my love? One gets me low, the other lets me go. -Vikram Seth
My eyes close. I am here and not here. A waking nap? A flight to the end of the galaxy and perhaps a couple of billion light-years beyond? -Vikram Seth
I need my natural laziness to be counteracted by obsession in order to do anything. -Vikram Seth
It's not the gods But our own hearts We need to fear. The evil starts Against all odds Not there but here. -Vikram Seth
I sometimes seem to myself to wander around the world merely accumulating material for future nostalgias. -Vikram Seth
In spite of all temptations of belonging to many nations, I've remained an Indian. -Vikram Seth
So many Indian novels, quite unfairly, do not get the prominence they should because they have been written in a language other than English. -Vikram Seth
I don't think anyone should be banned. If you don't like a book, set it aside. -Vikram Seth
I am certainly not allergic to causes - particularly on subjects such as religious intolerance. -Vikram Seth
I don't pick and choose subjects or settings; they pick and choose me. -Vikram Seth
I tend to follow a scattershot approach to reading a lot of very diverse subjects interest me, and I'm quite happy to read stuff on any of them. -Vikram Seth
To not be able to love the one you love is to have your life wrenched away, -Vikram Seth
I just love music - by no stretch of the imagination am I professionally competent. -Vikram Seth
There are plenty of good Indian writers in English, and none of us feel we are carrying the burden of being a poster boy. -Vikram Seth
I often feel newspapers are just filling up space. Of course, I also know people who write really long books. -Vikram Seth
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