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I worshipped dead men for their strength, forgetting I was strong. -Vita Sackville-West
Men of my age live in a state of continual desperation. -Vita Sackville-West
Authority has every reason to fear the skeptic, for authority can rarely survive in the face of doubt. -Vita Sackville-West
I miss you even more than I could have believed; and I was prepared to miss you a good deal. -Vita Sackville-West
however many resolutions one makes, one's pen, like water, always finds its own level, and one can't write in any way other than one's own. -Vita Sackville-West
Not seeing is half-believing. -Vita Sackville-West
A flowerless room is a soulless room, to my way of thinking; but even a solitary little vase of a living flower may redeem it. -Vita Sackville-West
The writer catches the changes of his mind on the hop. Growth is exciting; growth is dynamic and alarming. Growth of the soul, growth of the mind. -Vita Sackville-West
Damn you, spoilt creature; I shan't make you love me any the more by giving myself away like this. -Vita Sackville-West
I have come to the conclusion, after many years of sometimes sad experience, that you cannot come to any conclusion at all. -Vita Sackville-West
For the last 40 years of my life I have broken my back, my fingernails, and sometimes my heart, in the practical pursuit of my favourite occupation. -Vita Sackville-West
Women, like men, ought to have their years so glutted with freedom that they hate the very idea of freedom. -Vita Sackville-West
April, the angel of the months, the young love of the year. -Vita Sackville-West
There's no beginning to the farmer's year, / Only recurrent patterns on a scroll / Unwinding ... -Vita Sackville-West
I cannot abide the Mr. and Mrs. Noah attitude towards marriage; the animals went in two by two, forever stuck together with glue. -Vita Sackville-West
Every garden-maker should be an artist along his own lines. That is the only possible way to create a garden, irrespective of size or wealth. -Vita Sackville-West
Serenity of spirit and turbulence of action should make up the sum of a man's life. -Vita Sackville-West
There is always something else to do. A gardener should have nine times as many lives as a cat. -Vita Sackville-West
I cannot bear that you / Should think me faithful, when I am untrue. -Vita Sackville-West
The Saluki is a marvel of elegance. -Vita Sackville-West
Nothing shows up the difference between the things said or read, so much as the daily experience of it. -Vita Sackville-West
What is beautiful is good, and who is good will soon be beautiful. -Vita Sackville-West
Among the many problems which beset the novelist, not the least weighty is the choice of the moment at which to begin his novel. -Vita Sackville-West
All craftsmen share a knowledge. They have heldReality down fluttering to a bench. -Vita Sackville-West
It is dreadful how I miss you, and everything that everybody says seems flat and stupid. -Vita Sackville-West
But you, oh gardener, poet that you be / Though unaware, now use your seeds like words / And make them lilt with color nicely flung ... -Vita Sackville-West
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