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To make a low-budget independent is not easy work. -W. Earl Brown
When you get out of college, you think,
Stories have a way of telling themselves. -W. Earl Brown
All stories boil down to good vs. evil, and that's what the archetypal American Western was. -W. Earl Brown
I remember vividly, as a kid, my mother had 'Jesus Was a Capricorn' and used to listen to it over and over and over. -W. Earl Brown
Sometimes, I have played something that psychologically sticks with me, that's opposite of where I am. I guess I have a lot of anger in me. -W. Earl Brown
I grew up in Murray, Kentucky. My wife is from there, also. -W. Earl Brown
I consider William Gay one of the great writers that no one has ever heard of. -W. Earl Brown
While my megalomania knows no bounds, directing is one thing I have never really done. I directed a couple of plays. That was the extent of it. -W. Earl Brown
I try to physically and mentally immerse myself in whatever it is I am doing. That is good for me as an artist. -W. Earl Brown
I am a music freak. My tastes run the gamut from Willie Nelson to Metallica to Miles Davis. -W. Earl Brown
My daughter doesn't love me because I'm on TV, she loves me because I'm her dad. -W. Earl Brown
John Belushi made me want to be an actor. -W. Earl Brown
I grew up playing cowboy, and I still have all my Johnny West toys from when I was a kid. I have my actual toys from when I was five. -W. Earl Brown
My best friend growing up was a truck driver, and it was big in truck stops. He'd have his 'Deadwood' DVDs, and they'd watch them in the lounge. -W. Earl Brown
When 'Deadwood' ended, I thought, 'I'll never have this again, ever.' -W. Earl Brown
David Milch is one of the smartest human beings I've ever met. I'm relatively bright and relatively well-read. I'm not in a league with that guy. -W. Earl Brown
Any characters that make me think, 'I don't know if I can do this,' are the ones I most want to do. I don't want to do the same thing over and over. -W. Earl Brown
If you loved music, Lemmy was your friend, regardless of who you were or where you came from. -W. Earl Brown
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