Wassily Kandinsky Quotes

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There is no must in art because art is free. -Wassily Kandinsky
Doubts must be resolved alone within the soul. Otherwise one would profane one's own powerful solution. -Wassily Kandinsky
Only just now awakening after years of materialism, our soul is still infected with the despair born of unbelief, of lack of purpose and aim. -Wassily Kandinsky
Everything shows me its face, its innermost being, its secret soul, which is more often silent than heard. -Wassily Kandinsky
Every work of art is the child of its time, often it is the mother of our emotions. -Wassily Kandinsky
Color transmits and translates emotion. -Wassily Kandinsky
That is beautiful which is produced by the inner need, which springs from the soul. -Wassily Kandinsky
The artist is the hand that, by touching this or that key, sets the soul vibrating automatically. -Wassily Kandinsky
Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. -Wassily Kandinsky
Color is the keyboard. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano, with its many strings. -Wassily Kandinsky
It is essential that the painter should develop not only his eyes, but also his soul, so that it too may be capable of weighing colors in balance... -Wassily Kandinsky
The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul. -Wassily Kandinsky
Colors produce a spiritual vibration, the impression they create is important only as a step towards this vibration. -Wassily Kandinsky
Our epoch is a time of tragic collision between matter and spirit and of the downfall of the purely material world view. -Wassily Kandinsky
The sound of colors is so definite that it would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with bass notes or dark lake with treble... -Wassily Kandinsky
Efforts to revive the art principles of the past at best produce works of art that resemble a stillborn child. -Wassily Kandinsky
It should not be forgotten that art is not a science where the latest 'correct' theory declares the old to be false and erases it. -Wassily Kandinsky
In their pursuit of the same supreme end, Matisse and Picasso stand side by side, Matisse representing color and Picasso form. -Wassily Kandinsky
Art is not vague production, transitory and isolated, but a power which must be directed to the improvement and refinement of the human soul. -Wassily Kandinsky
In every painting a whole is mysteriously enclosed, a whole life of tortures, doubts, of hours of enthusiasm and inspiration. -Wassily Kandinsky
The spirit is often concealed within matter to such an extent that few people are generally capable of perceiving it. -Wassily Kandinsky
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