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If I can't take five years out to serve my country as president, then everything I've been singing about, like equal rights, doesn't mean anything. -Wyclef Jean
I feel that life is short, so we should be disciplined, but at the same time we should have a good time. -Wyclef Jean
It was important that I became successful. People say they do it for the love, and yes, you do it for the love, but you want to be successful -Wyclef Jean
I think the greatest thing about America is the American dream. -Wyclef Jean
I'm like Cab Calloway: I love the entertainment, and I've loved entertaining people ever since I was little. -Wyclef Jean
I do music for the love of it, and I've been doing it from a very young age: about 11. -Wyclef Jean
A lot of my music is very reggae- driven. Half of my life Bob Marley was all I listened to. -Wyclef Jean
When I lose touch with the audience and the reality of what life really is, I'll be Vanilla Ice or something. -Wyclef Jean
My grandfather was a voodoo priest. A lot of my life dealt with spirituality. I can close my eyes and remember where I come from. -Wyclef Jean
I come from a hut, from a hut I went to the projects, from the projects I went to a mansion so you out there you have ABSOLUTLY NO EXCUSE! -Wyclef Jean
I lived in the projects and the ghetto, and turned the negative into a positive. -Wyclef Jean
I want to be part of a different kind of celebrity, one that thinks not just about charity but policy. -Wyclef Jean
When the Fugees were big, we made a whole lot of money, and what happened was that I saved my money and never spent it. -Wyclef Jean
I'm the hip-hop Quincy Jones of today -Wyclef Jean
There's not a hip-hop artist that didn't snatch of piece of Bob Marley. It's totally impossible. -Wyclef Jean
I was a jazz major in high school, in an all-jazz band. No matter what I do, it features my musical influences. -Wyclef Jean
Someone please call 911<br />The alleged assailant is five foot one<br />And she shot me through my soul<br />Feel my body gettin' cold -WYCLEF JEAN
Someone please call 911, yeah yeah<br />Tell them I just got shot down<br />And it's piercin' through my soul<br />Feel my body gettin' cold -WYCLEF JEAN
Someone please call 911<br />The alleged assailant, was five foot one<br />And she shot me through my soul<br />Feel my body gettin' cold -WYCLEF JEAN
Wyclef and Mary J Blige<br />I'm feelin' you girl<br />I understand -WYCLEF JEAN
And you're doin', what you're doin', would you do it<br />And do it and do it and do it for me -WYCLEF JEAN
Keys they goin in the trunk<br />Fiends they don't give a uh -WYCLEF JEAN
When I'm rhyming it's all in my head... Like the slaves, when they were picking cotton, they would block out their minds. They would sing. -Wyclef Jean
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