Yadira Pantoja Quotes

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The more that you come back the more that I'm engulfed by a large cloud of hatred. Every memory we ever created becomes bitter as you live a double life of destructiveness. You've been the author to a twisted novel since the moment that we parted ways. While you're in front of the camera you advertise a fresh start... a bright beginning with new found adoration. Yet behind the scenes your purpose is to run through me internally, seeking to poison me with your absence; sickening my emotions with your melodies of regret. Yet according to your reviews I'm the one that's losing my mind, going crazy for the past that I let slip from my hands... While in reality you're the sad individual who's lost in the dark, lacking happiness in both worlds that you've decided to live in. Keep going. Fake it. Fake it until you feel half of what I made you feel when you're eyes were closed yet soul wide open, ready to show me the deepest, darkest parts of your being that nobody had ever been brave enough to explore. Keep going until it's all that you've ever wanted... because your ghost no longer follows me endlessly and my skin no longer remembers your touch. I no longer crave the flawed love, you serenaded my desires with. Room for you... within me, no longer exists. I promise you that no matter how hard you try to remove me from pieces of your heart that have been consumed by my presence... I'll never be fully gone... Because I was the origin of your heart beat. Run. Keep running with time because in the past, the only thing that held us together was my stupidity and run even faster now, because in me... Your memory has been set on fire, and reduced to ashes. || I No Longer Live in A World Where You Exist.

Yadira Pantoja