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Soldiers are men...most apt for all manner of services and best able to support and endure the infinite toils and continual hazards of war. -Henry Knyvett

The first virtue in a soldier is endurance of fatigue; courage is only the second virtue. -Napoleon Bonaparte

Being a soldier, fighting for this country, is neither Republican nor Democrat. -Max Cleland

I think soldiers are not just one homogenous group, just like Americans aren't. They all have different feelings about the war. -Emily Robison

Our soldiers and their families are benefiting. They deserve good, quality housing and they need it. -Jim Walsh

Every soldier should learn survival on land, sea, and in the air. -Louis Zamperini

You cannot expect soldiers to change people's minds. That has to be done in other ways. -Mike Jackson

That soldiers do terrible things during wartime should not surprise us. -Nick Flynn

Any soldier worth his salt should be antiwar. And still there are things worth fighting for. -Norman Schwarzkopf

All soldiers who serve their country and put their lives at risk need to know that if something happens to them, their families will be well taken care of. That's the bond we have with our military men and women and their families. -Jeff Sessions

Everyone knows what can happen to soldiers who are in front line units. -Richard Engel

Soldiers willingly, sometimes foolishly, risk their own lives to keep their comrades out of enemy hands. -Alex Berenson

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away. -Douglas Macarthur

Every soldier thinks something of the moral aspects of what he is doing. But all war is immoral and if you let that bother you, you're not a good soldier. -Curtis LeMay

To be a soldier one needs that special gene, that extra something, that enables a person to jump into one on one combat, something, after all, that is unimaginable to most of us, as we are simply not brave enough. -Rupert Everett

Soldiers are citizens of death's grey land, drawing no dividend from time's tomorrows. -Siegfried Sassoon

One doesn't become a soldier in a week - it takes training, study and discipline.There is no question that the finest Army in the world is found in the United States. -Daniel Inouye

Soldiers are not policemen, and it's very unfair, even for those soldiers who have some police training, to burden them with police duties. It's not what they're trained for, or equipped for. -P. J. O'Rourke