Make Money With Us

Is it in your dream to work from home, doing the things you love?

Jar of Quotes offers thousands of quality image quotes that are specially created by our graphic designers. We release more than 200 images each day. All of our designers are contracted freelancers from around the world, from countries such as United States, India, Philippines, UK and Australia.

Jar of Quotes has been growing rapidly since its launch and we require at least 15 freelancers working for us at any given time. As freelancers leave, new ones must be replaced as soon as possible.

If you have a flare for graphic design and words, we would love to have you on our team!

We are currently seeking:

  • Graphic designers - To create images from a list of quotes that we will provide to you. We prefer people that have a sound knowledge of Photoshop.
  • Quote collector - To collect quotes from the internet and other resources that will be provided to our graphic designers. Your task will also be to make sure that there are no duplicates.
  • Quality inspector - To look through each finished image to make sure the words are visible and free of spelling mistakes.

We pay contractors $0.25USD per each image designed, $0.50USD for every 100 quotes collected, and $3 for every 200 images inspected.

What our current freelancers are saying...

Since joining the team I have been able to make close to $100 each day. I am a full time university student and this job has given me the flexibility to make some pocket money while concentrating on my degree.
- Irick R.

I am a single mom from The Philippines that has been unable to find a job for over three years. I was very blessed when I met Jesse (the owner of Jar of Quotes) and was told that I could work on this website full time. I am now able to support my daughter and have some extra money to travel as well.
- Grace T.

I may be only 16 but the funny thing is that I make more money than any of my classmates here in Australia. I use my phone each day on my way to school (and sometimes even in class) to quality inspect each graphic quote and make sure they are perfect. It is so easy to do and the pay is great! I love bragging to my friends that work at McDonalds and only get paid $16 an hour, while I can make more than $150 on a busy day. I am currently using the money to save up for a car.
- Seb M.

If making money freelance online is something you want, view our open positions now.