Facebook Quotes

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Facebook Quotes: Exit Facebook, close laptop, get into bed, unlock phone, check Facebook ... .

Facebook Quote: So you hate Facebook? Thanks for sharing that with me... on Facebook.

Quotes about Facebook: When going to work has become a nice break from Facebook, it's safe to say you're a Facebook junkie.

Quote about Facebook: If your relationship is so complicated that you have to specify it as such on Facebook, you should get off Facebook and fix it.

Facebook Sayings: While on Facebook, I realized that I don't hate Facebook... I hate people.

Facebook Saying: When girls hack a friends Facebook account: 'I love you b*tch!' When boys hack a friends Facebook account: 'I LOVE D*CK IN MY MOUTH!'

Facebook Greetings: Facebook posts from Lancelot -MC Lars And YTCracker (Guinevere)

Facebook Messages: Et finir sur facebook -Les Fatals Picards (Dans Mon Verre)

Sayings about Facebook: Reject request on Facebook, -Big K.R.I.T. (Made Alot)

Saying about Facebook: Tell a therapist, not Facebook.

Facebook Quotes: Facebook is like a fridge

Facebook Quote: Am I on facebook because I'm bored, or am bored because I'm on facebook?

Quotes about Facebook: Face your problem, not facebook it.

Quote about Facebook: It is called Facebook, not ProblemBook.

Facebook Sayings: Face your problems. Not Facebook it.

Facebook Saying: Facebook requests, ugly ones stay rejected -Nexx Chapter (Draped Up)

Facebook Greetings: And suddenly you’re Facebook friends -Brad Paisley (Facebook Friend)

Facebook Messages: Face your problems, don't facebook them!