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Lyric Quotes: And they can try and try again -Blackalicious (World Of Vibrations)

Lyric Quote: Someday if ever you loved me you'd say, it's okay -Yellowcard (Empty Apartment)

Quotes about Lyric: I've got mountains of mistakes -The Spinto Band (Mountains)

Quote about Lyric: You don't wanna talk so baby shut up -Zodiac Mindwarp (Feed My Frankenstein)

Lyric Sayings: I'd like to forget about you and try to break it somehow -Clutch (I)

Lyric Saying: When mi red and when mi high like a kite up, Busta -Sean Paul (Gimme The Light Remix)

Lyric Greetings: We could ask about Alberta -A Balladeer (Oh, California)

Lyric Messages: I try to hide it before I make a mistake -Emily Osment (Truth Or Dare)

Sayings about Lyric: We ‘ve seen everything, but live in nothing, -Arno (The show of life)

Saying about Lyric: Talkin' 'bout my hot love -Twisted Sister (Hot Love)

Lyric Quotes: And all that remains is the faces and the names -Lightfoot Gordon (Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald)

Lyric Quote: Give them kisses or see them smile at you -Of Montreal (It's Easy To Sleep When You're Dead)

Quotes about Lyric: Man..dem boys at war...I say dem boys at war -Hot Boys (Boys at War)

Quote about Lyric: I know you’re only working out who you want to be -Shane Filan (All You Need to Know acoustic)

Lyric Sayings: and blame me for the murder sock me up and get me carried off -Talib Kweli (Uh Oh)

Lyric Saying: Mase Kid Harlem on the rise -Brandy (Top of the World)

Lyric Greetings: I remember hand em bricks -Shawty Lo (Atlanta, GA)

Lyric Messages: You keep saying, ‘Let’s rewind, do things differently this time’ -The Jupiter Tide (This Is Us)