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Lyric Quotes: M1: "hey, it reminds me of smelling a pussy" -Adam Sandler (Memory Lane)

Lyric Quote: Makin' love on a sunny day -Carpenters, The (Makin' Love In The Afternoon)

Quotes about Lyric: My heart can't love no one but you -The Judds (Had A Dream For The Heart)

Quote about Lyric: And the pilot standing 19 feet -The Drones (Penumbra)

Lyric Sayings: Like Run-D.M.C. pumping up, 'Tougher Than Leather' -Automator (A Better Tomorrow)

Lyric Saying: I walk into a tag room* -Jackie Boyz (Nothing On But The Radio)

Lyric Greetings: But you got that short cut way about you -John Elton (Elton John, Bernie Taupin)

Lyric Messages: When the moon sees the sun -Fixers (Iron Deer Dream)

Sayings about Lyric: Oh I wish I could see Bakersfield -Craig Morgan (I Wish I Could See Bakersfield)

Saying about Lyric: Rows and rows of teeth -Johnette Downing (Tooth Fairy)

Lyric Quotes: You cut the check and I rake in the green like I'm raking the grass in -Lil Wayne (YM Banger)

Lyric Quote: Till the light of day -Ashes of Ares (Chalice of Man)

Quotes about Lyric: Hourglass body and my runway walk -Lil' Kim (Kronik)

Quote about Lyric: Existence, existence grows still -Front Line Assembly (Plasticity)

Lyric Sayings: That's how my love will make you feel, feel -Day26 (Stadium Music)

Lyric Saying: Now I can dance. -Graffiti6 (Over You)

Lyric Greetings: I didn't know you're in denial -Hedley (321)

Lyric Messages: Inauddible whispers from beyond -Besatt (The Time of the Wolf)