Lyric Quotes

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Lyric Quotes: Lyric for lyric rhyme for rhyme style for style I break you like dishes -KRS One (Mortal Thought)

Lyric Quote: The Lyric Of Storm -Dark Lunacy (December)

Quotes about Lyric: PRiNce Lyric Transcription Team -Prince (Batman)

Quote about Lyric: Heavyweight lyric never lost one calorie -Wu-Tang Clan ('97 Mentality)

Lyric Sayings: And if that last lyric was predictable -Immortal Technique (Toast To The Dead)

Lyric Saying: You bare your soul upon the lyric sheet -Frenzal Rhomb (Cheer up)

Lyric Greetings: Lyric weaponry lessens your chances of testing me -Ozomatli (Cut Chemist Suite)

Lyric Messages: Shot down lyric each time they cyph you -Black Star (Brown Skin Lady)

Sayings about Lyric: And here's another caper from the lyric landscaper -Xzibit (Likwit Connection)

Saying about Lyric: With the greater lyric, if you can spare it -Cypress Hill (The Phunky Feel One)

Lyric Quotes: There is a wonderful Hungarian literature, especially in lyric poetry.

Lyric Quote: I'm droppin' as a lyric quotin' vessel for the stages -Blackalicious (World Of Vibrations)

Quotes about Lyric: No, I'm not testin y'all, this a real lyric -KRS One (The Heat)

Quote about Lyric: I'd compose a worthy lyric and perform the perfect song -Ookla The Mok (Just Another Cliche)

Lyric Sayings: Had a pre-pubescent lyric gift but niggaz never hear me spit -NAS (Hope A Cappella Version)

Lyric Saying: Lyric boy, Based King, Master Chef, All City Chess moves Mickey down and Diggy, CRS fool -Lupe Fiasco (SLR)

Lyric Greetings: When I drop the funky, funky lyric on a track -D. Nice (Call Me D-Nice)

Lyric Messages: In recent decades this symbolic or metaphorical lyric has given way to one which leans toward metonymy. -Thomas Harrison