Movie Quotes

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Movie Quotes: I like to play guitar, jam out, play the blues, go watch movies. I love movies.

Movie Quote: The only way I can make a Jim Carrey face is through Novocain at the dentists office. -Sasha Azevedo

Quotes about Movie: I crave working on those small independent movies because I love going to see those myself.

Quote about Movie: I've been asked to do action-oriented movies in the past and they just haven't been right for me.

Movie Sayings: It's very liberating to be naked in front of a hundred people, but there's nothing sexual about lovemaking on a movie set. -Bill Paxton

Movie Saying: In the X-Men the women are so strong and sexy! We really kick some male butt! -Halle Berry

Movie Greetings: The physical part of comedy is as hard as a lot of action movies. It scares me, but in a way that I like.

Movie Messages: I don't think you should feel about a film. You should feel about a woman, not a movie. You can't kiss a movie.

Sayings about Movie: I love horror, I love scary movies, I love thrillers. If things creep you out and spook you? I love it.

Saying about Movie: Movies have to handle time very efficiently. They're about stringing scenes together in the present. Novels aren't necessarily about that.

Movie Quotes: Boy, have you got your lions crossed. -The Lion King

Movie Quote: I've always wanted to make movies.

Quotes about Movie: I've always been a movie guy, movies have been my thing. I love movies, all kinds of movies.

Quote about Movie: Theater has to resonate in your heart in a way that movies don't.

Movie Sayings: Its a crazy day when guys wanna see a movie about a teddy bear and girls wanna see a movie about strippers.

Movie Saying: Look, you're really cute, but I can't understand what you're saying. -Finding Nemo

Movie Greetings: I've spent several years in Hollywood, and I still think the movie heroes are in the audience. -Wilson Mizner

Movie Messages: There are some movies that I would like to forget, for the rest of my life. But even those movies teach me things.