Movie Quotes

Movie Quotes: To me, what separates a funny movie from a good movie is something personal.

Movie Quote: Just because you have teenagers in a movie doesn't make it a teen movie.

Quotes about Movie: 'Let's watch a scary movie!' After the movie... 'Dude walk me to the bathroom.'

Quote about Movie: I think Alone in the Dark was too much an action creature movie than a horror creature movie.

Movie Sayings: Things people say when a movie finishes in the theaters: 5% Awesome movie. 5% that was great acting. 90% I gotta pee!

Movie Saying: When I'm in the movie theater, I always finish my popcorn before the movie even starts.

Movie Greetings: It is really cool to have created a movie that has turned out to become the biggest movie of the year.

Movie Messages: No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough.

Sayings about Movie: I love vampire stories. That's why I did the movie. Women especially were taken with that movie-even more so when it came out on video.

Saying about Movie: My favorite traditional Christmas movie that I like to watch is All Quiet on the Western Front. It's just not December without that movie in my house.

Movie Quotes: You cannot combine being a movie star with not being a movie star. -Martin Amis

Movie Quote: Its a crazy day when guys wanna see a movie about a teddy bear and girls wanna see a movie about strippers.

Quotes about Movie: I'm a movie nut. I go to the movies probably twice a week, and if I'm not doing anything at night, I'm usually watching a movie or two.

Quote about Movie: I don't think you should feel about a film. You should feel about a woman, not a movie. You can't kiss a movie.

Movie Sayings: The shooting of the movie is the truth part and the editing of the movie is the lying part, the deceit part -Paul Hirsch

Movie Saying: I did a women's movie, and I'm not a woman. I did a gay movie, and I'm not gay. I learned as I went along.

Movie Greetings: It's not how well you're able to make a movie. It's how well you're able to make a movie under the circumstances. -George Lucas

Movie Messages: Blurred like a movie -Townshend Pete (English Boy Reprise)

Sayings about Movie: Like some old movie -Leann Rimes (The Rest Is History)

Saying about Movie: Just like a movie -Prince (Mad)

Movie Quotes: restaurants, airports, movie screens, -Marc Giammarco (American Beauties)

Movie Quote: With the movie magazines, -Cheap Time (More Cigarettes)

Quotes about Movie: Wanna watch the movie -Motörhead (Going to Brazil)

Quote about Movie: A movie still, photograph -Jimmy Eat World (Chase This Light)

Movie Sayings: Of old movie posters -WHY? (Thirst)

Movie Saying: An old movie magazine -Iggy and The Stooges (Unfriendly World)

Movie Greetings: Tryna go to the movie -Max B (Live Comfortable)

Movie Messages: should we be movie stars? -Evelyn Evelyn (Evelyn Evelyn)

Sayings about Movie: No television or movie style -Public Enemy (Live And Undrugged Part I & II)

Saying about Movie: This is not a movie -Canibus (Punch Lines)

Movie Quotes: maybe we were movie stars -Jesse Labelle (Lifetimes)

Movie Quote: Just like a movie star -The 6ths (Just Like A Movie Star)

Quotes about Movie: Then later a movie too, -Susan Boyle (Perfect Day)

Quote about Movie: It's like a movie -Wilco (Blasting Fonda)

Movie Sayings: from Glory Road movie soundtrack -Alicia Keys (People get ready)

Movie Saying: Maybe be a movie star -Manilow Barry (Twenty Four Hours A Day)

Movie Greetings: This movie is about forgiveness, -Andrew Adamson

Movie Messages: An old movie on T.V., -Rimes LeAnn (The Heart Never Forgets)

Sayings about Movie: Don't talk during the movie -Eileen Rose (Last New Year's Eve)

Saying about Movie: Go out to the movie theater -No Address (Love At Your Momentum)

Movie Quotes: Let's make a movie baby -Ludacris And Shawnna (Sex Room)

Movie Quote: She said, you go to movie -Sam Cooke (Movin' and Groovin')

Quotes about Movie: I could be your movie star -The Click Five (Resign)

Quote about Movie: The death of a movie star -The Murder Of My Sweet (Death Of A Movie Star)

Movie Sayings: You'll be a movie star -Al Stewart (Next Time)

Movie Saying: Are pictures on a movie screen -Statler Brothers (The Movies)

Movie Greetings: Uptown niggas livin' like movie stars -Hot Boys (Neighborhood Superstar)

Movie Messages: It's like a bad movie -Mark McGuinn (She Doesn't Dance)

Sayings about Movie: Wants to be a movie star. -BLACK LAB (Rock Star)

Saying about Movie: You wanna be a movie star. -BLACK LAB (Rock Star)

Movie Quotes: T.V.Verse from the movie... -Jennings Waylon (Good Ol' Boys)

Movie Quote: Become the movie on your eyelids -Placebo (The Movie On Your Eyelids)

Quotes about Movie: Play like it's a movie -Mary Beth Maziarz (Waiting For A Sign)

Quote about Movie: Up there on that movie screen -Statler Brothers (The Movies)

Movie Sayings: That the movie on your eyelids -Placebo (The Movie On Your Eyelids)

Movie Saying: What about dinner and a movie?, -Tank (No Why?)

Movie Greetings: like it's a movie cliche -Rigby (Take a Chance)

Movie Messages: Movie stars and I find the days, -U-God (Heavyweight)

Sayings about Movie: Never judge a book by its movie

Saying about Movie: like we're in a movie -Reggie and the Full Effect (Take Me Home, Please)

Movie Quotes: Office nightclubs, drinks, dates and movie stubs -You Am I (Who Takes Who Home?)

Movie Quote: My mom wasn't a movie star.

Quotes about Movie: Girl it feels just like a movie -Noel Gourdin (Open)

Quote about Movie: Movie star bitches the ones you desire -Snoop Dogg (True Lies Featuring Kokane)

Movie Sayings: we'll watch the midnight movie -Agents Of Oblivion (Slave Riot)

Movie Saying: Movie chick cross bows with exploding tips -Tony Yayo (Selling Keys Feat. Lloyd Banks)

Movie Greetings: Would you have been a movie star -The Connells (Inside My Head)

Movie Messages: Could you be my little movie star? -Jamie Walters (Winona)

Sayings about Movie: I steal from every movie ever made. -Quentin Tarantino

Saying about Movie: The movie business is a big gamble.

Movie Quotes: Where life is one big movie scene -A Balladeer (America, America)

Movie Quote: So much for a movie ending romance, -Math And Physics Club (Movie Ending Romance)

Quotes about Movie: The movie won't change its end -Lucy Woodward (Leave It To You)

Quote about Movie: Yes, I grow out in a movie -Jason Walker (Remember Tonight)

Movie Sayings: Our love was made for movie screens -Kodaline (All I Want EP)

Movie Saying: We gon' make you a movie star -EAGLES (King of Hollywood)

Movie Greetings: Home Alone' was a movie, not an alibi.

Movie Messages: Twangin' and a kickin' on the movie screens -Bellamy Brothers (Cowboy Beat)

Sayings about Movie: We call that Sean's little independent movie. -Patty Duke

Saying about Movie: She's a movie queen in the making -Triumph (Child Of The City)

Movie Quotes: I'm sick of living in this movie -Now It's Overhead (Let Up)

Movie Quote: How did it play out like a movie? -Jonas (Give Love A Try)

Quotes about Movie: Yeah, I was thinking about seeing a movie -Ugly Duckling (Ring the Bell)

Quote about Movie: It´s just like a movie -Baltimora (Chinese Restaurant)

Movie Sayings: Yeah you’ll be a movie star. -BLACK LAB (Rock Star)

Movie Saying: Supermodel, movie star, the stripper, brawds after me -T.I. (Yeah feat. Lil Wayne)

Movie Greetings: Life's a movie that we sleep through -Sean Lennon (Spectacle)

Movie Messages: I watch an old funny Marx Brothers movie -Steve Vai (Details at 10)

Sayings about Movie: this a true story type of movie, Fandango -Mac Miller (Live Free)

Saying about Movie: I would like to do a sports movie.

Movie Quotes: Cuz this steppin straight out of a movie -Jaden Smith (Cries)

Movie Quote: Pictures in your head like a movie scene -Digital Summer (50 Shades)

Quotes about Movie: Like a movie scene and walk away clean -EPMD (Yo)

Quote about Movie: I'm living in a pop trash movie -Duran Duran (Pop Trash Movie)

Movie Sayings: From In Livin' Colour to movie scripts -Jennifer Lopez (Jenny From The Block [No Rap])

Movie Saying: Late at night, I write my own movie -Trisha Yearwood (For a While)

Movie Greetings: I've always wanted to do a family movie.

Movie Messages: working in English? Hollywood movie music is an abomination. -Sparks (En Route To The Beverly Hills Hotel)

Sayings about Movie: My life is like a movie, actors and characters -Fes Taylor (Moma Raised Me)

Saying about Movie: Shawty watch the hustle movie she can never get, -Fabolous (Only Life I Know)

Movie Quotes: Ask her to a movie, just the other day -Sam Cooke (Movin' and Groovin')

Movie Quote: Movie directing is a perfect refuge for the mediocre. -Orson Welles

Quotes about Movie: Movie-screen TV's with automatic glass doors -BIG TYMERS (Big Tymers'feat. B.G., Lac)

Quote about Movie: Or how tired you grow of this movie set, -Search The City (My Secrets Have Secrets Too)

Movie Sayings: I'm like a movie without an ending -Butch Walker (Cigarette Lighter Love Song)

Movie Saying: Never mind sugar we can watch the early movie -Rod Stewart (Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?)

Movie Greetings: I'm ready for my dinner in a movie -August (Solid Ground)

Movie Messages: It's like she walked off a movie screen -People on Vacation (She Was The Only One)

Sayings about Movie: I held your hand, it felt like a movie -Jonas Brothers (Shelf)

Saying about Movie: I've just watched another movie on T.V. -Wings (Must Do Something About It)

Movie Quotes: I'm free now to direct a movie -Morphine (I'm Free Now)

Movie Quote: Hey little girl you oughta be a movie star -Presley Elvis (Hey Little Girl)

Quotes about Movie: I’m Richard Pryor in his first movie -Apathy & Celph Titled (Bang Ft Doap Nixon)

Quote about Movie: Why do they want to go see movie tonight? -Rucka Rucka ALI (Sirent Night)

Movie Sayings: Walked in the door looking like a movie queen -The Allman Brothers Band (Let Me Ride)

Movie Saying: It's just like a movie, everybody wanna see -Lil' Mo F/ Missy Elliott (Five Minutes)

Movie Greetings: I wasn't expecting a teen movie ending anyway -Shirts Vs. Skins (It Was Snowing And You Suck)

Movie Messages: Number one movie, model, she's the All-American girl -Mitchel Musso (Movin' In)

Sayings about Movie: Book - what they make a movie out of for television. -Leonard L Levinson

Saying about Movie: One night in the mirror I saw a movie star -Dada (Here Today, Gone Tomorrow)

Movie Quotes: Help them girls find beauty without a magazine or movie -Lupe Fiasco (LightWork)

Movie Quote: My Life Is Like a movie and its high Definition -Aftersleem (Walk With Me)

Quotes about Movie: I hope to be involved in a successful movie script.

Quote about Movie: There's never really been a real hood Christmas movie.

Movie Sayings: She got dreams, wanna be seen on the movie screen -Joey BADA$$ (Little Rachel)

Movie Saying: It's you against the world, like a movie scene -Zebrahead (Until the Sun Comes Up)

Movie Greetings: The movie's gonna make me a big star -Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band (Act Naturally)

Movie Messages: My life should be a movie... everyday something crazy happens.

Sayings about Movie: Movie music is noise... even more painful than my sciatica. -Thomas Beecham

Saying about Movie: I'm 'bout to make a movie, taken pictures now -Lloyd Banks (Score)

Movie Quotes: Swear my life like a movie in so many ways -Curren$y (Search Party)

Movie Quote: For instance, last night I went to a scary movie -Steve Poltz (I Thought I Saw You Last Night)

Quotes about Movie: to move obstacles so save your acting for the movie -J Wess Project (Bang this)

Quote about Movie: And now they're building those new movie studios -Harry James Angus (Matty and Josie)

Movie Sayings: Be your own hero, it's cheaper than a movie ticket. -Doug Horton

Movie Saying: It's kind of funky like an old-time movie. -Grand Funk Railroad (Rock 'n' Roll Soul)

Movie Greetings: These lil' niggas don't move me - go watch a movie! -Lloyd Banks (70 Bars)

Movie Messages: I'm going to be a great movie star some day. -Marilyn Monroe

Sayings about Movie: Baby got the bitch, and he put her in a movie -BIG TYMERS (Big Tymers'feat. B.G., Lac)

Saying about Movie: Real self control not eating your food until the movie starts.

Movie Quotes: When a good movie comes out, I go with you first -AOA (HAPPY ENDING)

Movie Quote: I play myself in this movie your lights on light action -Freddie Gibbs (My Nigga)

Quotes about Movie: Switchin' speeds like Bruce Lee ridin' up Fuji in a movie.

Quote about Movie: Finds that it's groovy to hide in a movie -Hair (Manchester England)