Novel Quotes

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Novel Quotes: Great, big, serious novels always get awards. If it's a battle between a great, big, serious novel and a funny novel, the funny novel is doomed.

Novel Quote: A novel that does not uncover a hitherto unknown segment of existence is immoral. Knowledge is the novel's only morality.

Quotes about Novel: A good novel tells us the truth about its hero but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author.

Quote about Novel: Shit is better than a novel, autobiographic -Mobb Deep (It's Mine)

Novel Sayings: Life is God's novel. Let him write it.

Novel Saying: And all I wanna be just a novel writer -Destine (Novel Writer)

Novel Greetings: It's a small town built on novel objections, -Day At The Fair (Erasing Wilkes)

Novel Messages: The perfect novel that you try but can't put down -Tracy Lawrence (Roswell and Marilyn Monroe)

Sayings about Novel: There is no happiness in love, except at the end of an English novel.

Saying about Novel: Narrative art, the novel, from Murasaki to Proust, has produced great works of poetry.

Novel Quotes: We got connection like a novel to a reader -BLACK EYED PEAS (Latin Girls)

Novel Quote: It's a romance novel in a one night stand- -Storm Inc. (Girls)

Quotes about Novel: Women want love to be a novel, men a short story.

Quote about Novel: Kiss me a paragraph and I'll reply with a novel

Novel Sayings: I'm not sure I have the physical strength to undertake a novel.

Novel Saying: My family can always tell when I'm well into a novel because the meals get very crummy.

Novel Greetings: Everyone thinks they're going to write one book of poems or one novel.

Novel Messages: The ordinariness of living to be old is too novel a thing to appreciate. -Ronald Blythe