Relationship Quotes

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Relationship Quotes: My mother loved children - she would have given anything if I had been one. -Groucho Marx

Relationship Quote: A man who still hold bags, opens doors, tell their girlfriend she's beautiful and show respect. ARE REAL MEN! So don't these and the fakes mixed up.

Quotes about Relationship: A woman is closest to being naked when she is well dressed. -Coco Chanel

Quote about Relationship: Youre not my favorite mistake, just a simple regret. I thought I knew who you were but watch how well I forget.

Relationship Sayings: Don't let yourself shed tears for someone who doesn't make a reason to stay... .. -Mae Cruz

Relationship Saying: If we will deny the longing of love, we will lose even the last address of the stranger inside us. -Sorin Cerin

Relationship Greetings: Bitch if you're tired of being the other woman, you should try keeping your legs closed.

Relationship Messages: Many estates are spent in the getting, since women for tea forsake spinning and knitting, and men for punch forsake hewing and splitting. -Benjamin Franklin

Sayings about Relationship: My relatives used to laugh when I talked of being a writer. -Taylor Caldwell

Saying about Relationship: I'm so lucky that I have a great relationship.

Relationship Quotes: Sex is the tabasco sauce which an adolescent national palate sprinkles on every course in the menu -Mary Day Winn

Relationship Quote: You fight like a married couple, you talk like best friends, and you flirt like first loves, so obviously it's meant to be.

Quotes about Relationship: You're not always going to fall for the right person. But that's okay because when you do none of the others will matter anymore.

Quote about Relationship: Words of Wisdom: it's easier to change a condom than it is to change a diaper.

Relationship Sayings: Marriage is an attempt to solve problems together which you didn't even have when you were on your own.

Relationship Saying: One of the biggest mistakes you can make in life is letting people stay in your life far longer than they deserve. -Mario Tomasello

Relationship Greetings: The ocean took him away, and now I just want him here, and I really wish in that moment, that he could just appear.

Relationship Messages: My resolution's placed, and I have nothing Of woman in me; now from head to foot I am marble-constant, now the fleeting moon No planet is of mine. -William Shakespeare