Doug MacLeod Quotes

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As it happens, I'm a terrible dancer. Bears are simply not made for dancing. We're much better at sitting and sleeping and singing. But there are humans who catch bears and force us to dance. It's agony. And there are other humans who pay to watch us.' Hannah sighed. 'I suppose you're right to distrust humans.' 'And that is why I must eat you, ' said the bear forlornly. 'For the benefit of the entire bear population of the world. I'm awfully sorry about this.' 'That's all right.' Hannah shrugged her shoulders. 'Is there any point in my trying to run away?' 'None. We bears may not be able to dance but we are experts when it comes to chasing things.' 'What if I climb a tree?' 'I'll climb up after you, or push the tree over. It all depends on what sort of tree you choose to climb. Either way, you'll end up eaten.' 'So be it, ' said Hannah. 'How should I prepare myself?' 'I beg your pardon?' 'Will you eat me with my clothes on?' 'Of course. Otherwise it would be bad manners.

-Doug MacLeod


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