Benson Bruno Quotes

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I don't have any regrets, ' a famous movie actor said in an interview I recently witnessed. 'I'd live everything over exactly the same way.' 'That's really pathetic, ' the talk show host said. 'Are you seeking help?' 'Yeah. My shrink says we're making progress. Before, I wouldn't even admit that I would live it all over, ' the actor said, starting to choke up. 'I thought one life was satisfying enough.' 'My God, ' the host said, cupping his hand to his mouth. 'The first breakthrough was when I said I would live it over, but only in my dreams. Nocturnal recurrence.' 'You're like the character in that one movie of yours. What's it called? You know, the one where you eat yourself.' 'The Silence of Sam.' 'That's it. Can you do the scene?' The actor lifts up his foot to stick it in his mouth. I reach over from my seat and help him to fit it into his bulging cheeks. The audience goes wild.

-Benson Bruno


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