Terri Fields Quotes

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Since September, I sat one seat behind Anna in algebra. Passed papers to her every day. Studied for tons of tests together. Though it often seemed impossible, Eventually, We always found the unknown for X. But not this time. This equation Bounces against my brain. And sneers at all attempted answers. I know I'll re-examine the variables, And reanalyze the unknowns, maybe forever. But It won't matter. Because, Anna- I know I'll never figure out Y. Y you didn't want to live- And Y I never noticed.

-Terri Fields


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"Terri Fields Quotes." Jar of Quotes, 2019. . https://www.jarofquotes.com/view.php?id=since-september-i-sat-one-seat-behind-anna-in-algebra-passed-papers-to-her-every-day-studied-for-tons-tests-together-though-it-often-seemed-impossible-eventually-we-always-found-

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