Yohann Dafeu Quotes

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Sometimes, I wish I could sit outside in a large field where the sun rays and wind breeze would sing in perfect harmony on the fragile roof of my skin. Doing nothing, thinking about everything, cuddled by the shadow of sweet memories blazing deep inside my brain. I wish I could swing back and forth on that unbreakable chair having an extraordinary conversation with God and myself, with my empty mind ready to absorb wise words from the invisible mouth.Then I would return to the neighborhood and tell the people the best way to fly is by sitting down contemplating the art of Science and the science of Art, for we all fall in the sky and sadly think we are flying. I wish I could explore life with the compass of love and ignore death, for we; people of planet Earth ignored life a long time ago once we invited hatred, jealousy, and anger aboard the ships of our heart. I wish I could write wishes like these everyday and share it with the people I love. I went to visit the people I hate, but to my surprise, I couldn't find anyone. I haven't built the room of hatred in my house yet, and never will I. "I hope." I loved some people, then they disappointed me and I disappointed some people who loved me (I am not sure about that). I studied forgiveness but still didn't get my PhD. Oh! I am sorry if I got lost in my thoughts spending so many years opening so many doors in such a little mind of mine. In conclusion, I wish I could invite you on my chair and start all over again.

-Yohann Dafeu


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