Kamand Kojouri Quotes

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We all wear masks to veil the truth. Truth is nakedness. Truth is fear. Truth is the gardener making you sit on his lap asking you to light his cigarette. Truth is father- with a limp cigarette on his lips -telling you to never use his matches to light it for him. Truth is father yelling: "It is not nice for little girls to do so'. Truth is a curious girl wanting to ignite a match like a woman. Truth is the maid watching from the kitchen, knowing. But knowing isn't truth. Truth is the maid calling: Come. Come. Truth is the gardener understanding. But understanding isn't truth. Truth is the maid saying, "Stay away!" Truth is a girl thinking she is in control. That nothing happened, nothing bad. But the truest truth is a girl knowing, a girl understanding that on that day someone stole a little piece of her truth.

-Kamand Kojouri


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