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We were sitting outside at our favorite Italian restaurant, Callini's, one Friday lunch when Sam revealed to me what his ideal female looked like. A few women walked by and Sam used words like 'big legs' and 'too big up top' to describe women that barely weighed over 100 pounds. The following bomb then pried its way out of his mouth, 'I'm still in love with Winny Cooper.' I replied with shock in my voice, 'Winny Cooper from The Wonder Years?' Sam glowed, 'Yeah, Winny is my ideal woman.' 'You do realize that she was a little girl in that show, ' I said trying to awaken Sam's better judgment. He started laughing, 'Winnie was a babe. I had a huge crush on her.' I needed clarification: 'You do realize that you were in your 20s when that show was on. So, that would mean that you had a crush on a 12 year-old.

-Phil Wohl


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