Tonight Quotes

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 Tonight Quotes: In this shadow of the day tonight, tonight, tonight. -Boyce Avenue (Shadow Of The Day )

 Tonight Quote: Change the way we feel tonight, tonight, tonight -Marie Digby (Daybreak)

Quotes about  Tonight: But I need to survive tonight, tonight, tonight -Secondhand Serenade (Half Alive)

Quote about  Tonight: On stage tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight -The Murder City Devils (Flashbulb)

 Tonight Sayings: Is this the moment tonight, tonight, tonight? -All Star United (Is This The Moment)

 Tonight Saying: 'Cause you gotta pay tonight, tonight, tonight -Lil Jon (Nothins Free)

 Tonight Greetings: We can circle the moon, stars, the far galaxies tonight tonight tonight -Drew Seeley (Let It Go!)

 Tonight Messages: Tonight I'll strive, tonight, tonight -Wheat (Go Get the Cops)

Sayings about  Tonight: Oh my God I wish I was home tonight, tonight, tonight -Rod Stewart (Oh God, I Wish I Was Home Tonight)

Saying about  Tonight: You’re next to me but I’m even lonelier tonight tonight tonight -TVXQ (Catch Me)

 Tonight Quotes: I’ll just hold onto you baby hold onto me tonight tonight tonight -Drew Seeley (Let It Go!)

 Tonight Quote: You're still by my side, tonight, tonight -Me In Motion (You Never Fail Me)

Quotes about  Tonight: Oh baby forever gonna remember tonight, tonight… -Jason Walker (Remember Tonight)

Quote about  Tonight: Get right tonight, tonight's the night -State Property (94 Bars)

 Tonight Sayings: Make love tonight, I'll sleep tonight -Brutha (One Day On This Earth)

 Tonight Saying: Tonight, tonight, were gonna do it right so -Faber Drive (G-Get Up & Dance!)

 Tonight Greetings: Tonight, who's gonna love me tonight -Marc Bolan and T. Rex (Solid Baby)

 Tonight Messages: We didn't even come to hurt nobody tonight,  tonight -2Pac (Intro-Bomb First)