Afternoon Quotes

Afternoon Quotes: Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language -Henry James

Afternoon Quote: Gold Afternoon Fix -Church, The (Disappointment)

Quotes about Afternoon: Since this afternoon -Madi Diaz (Nothing At All)

Quote about Afternoon: Some random afternoon -Lisa Brokop (Ladylike)

Afternoon Sayings: Another sunny afternoon -UK Subs (All Blurs Into One)

Afternoon Saying: In the afternoon -Carpenters, The (Makin' Love In The Afternoon)

Afternoon Greetings: On Friday afternoon -Klaatu (Set The World On Fire)

Afternoon Messages: Maybe a summer afternoon -Linda Eder (Goodbye)

Sayings about Afternoon: of a Saturday afternoon. -Morrison Van (Hey, Where Are You)

Saying about Afternoon: Late afternoon, dreaming hotel -Patti Smith (Redondo Beach)

Afternoon Quotes: Come sweeten every afternoon -Big Runca (Sway)

Afternoon Quote: One afternoon in May -The Winston Giles Orchestra (We Wait For Sunrise)

Quotes about Afternoon: Mr. Tiger: Good afternoon! -Sesame Street (Tiger Hunt)

Quote about Afternoon: Another afternoon of increments -Miles Kane (Colour of the Trap Acoustic)

Afternoon Sayings: Darker in the afternoon -Brentley Gore (No Time)

Afternoon Saying: On a Sunday afternoon -Better Than Ezra (Rolling)

Afternoon Greetings: On a warm afternoon -Talking Heads (Sax & Violins)

Afternoon Messages: We met this August afternoon -Tina Dico (Head Shop)

Sayings about Afternoon: Of a now late afternoon, -Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel (Dangling Conversation)

Saying about Afternoon: Makin' Love In The Afternoon -Carpenters, The (Makin' Love In The Afternoon)

Afternoon Quotes: L.A. Woman Sunday afternoon -Idol Billy (L.A. Woman)

Afternoon Quote: Across the great lonesome afternoon -Shawn Colvin (Wichita Skyline)

Quotes about Afternoon: Good afternoon women of power! -Sam Page

Quote about Afternoon: After that sweet summer afternoon -John Barrowman (Do I Love You?)

Afternoon Sayings: It was upon an afternoon, -Burns Robert (Johnny Cope)

Afternoon Saying: I'll wait all afternoon. -Dean Friedman (Saturday Fathers)

Afternoon Greetings: Guns and dolls all afternoon -Chris Whitley (Guns & Dolls)

Afternoon Messages: Love me in the afternoon -Cetera Peter (Baby What A Big Surprise)

Sayings about Afternoon: Guns and dolls any afternoon -Chris Whitley (Guns & Dolls)

Saying about Afternoon: Stitch the edge of afternoon -Marian Call (Aurora Borealis)

Afternoon Quotes: Feeling antisocial on a monday afternoon -Hurricane #1 (Monday Afternoon)

Afternoon Quote: It's a rainy afternoon -Pop Iggy (Candy)

Quotes about Afternoon: He comes 'round every afternoon -Glen Miller (The Man With The Mandolin)

Quote about Afternoon: I'll be your Sunday afternoon -Sam Roberts Band (Too Far)

Afternoon Sayings: On another dark wet December afternoon -Rod Stewart (Oh God, I Wish I Was Home Tonight)

Afternoon Saying: We left you in the afternoon. -Chris Garneau (Hands On The Radio)