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You've already said that, ' Alex says. 'Why should I go?' 'You're the only person I have, ' I say. 'And I want us all to be together. It will be good for us.' 'Oh, so now I'm back in the picture again.' 'Alex. Something bigger than you is occurring right now. I'm sorry about your unhappy childhood.' She glares at me in that special way of hers and Joanie's that makes me feel worthless and foul-smelling. 'So we'll tell Scottie we're going on a vacation while Mom is in the hospital?' 'It's for a day or two, ' I say. 'Scottie's been in the hospital every day for almost a month now. She needs a break. It's not good for her. I'd like you to be in charge of answering any questions she may have. She looks up to you. She'll hang on whatever you say.' I'm hoping a leadership role, a specific chore, will make Alex act like an adult and treat Scottie well. 'Can you do that?' She shrugs. 'If you can't handle things, let me know. I'll help. I'm here for you.' Alex laughs. I wonder if there are parents who can say things to their kids like 'I love you' or 'I'm here for you' without being laughed at. I have to admit it's a bit uncomfortable. Affection, in general, is unpleasant to me. 'What if Mom doesn't make it for two days?' 'She will, ' I say. 'I'll tell her what we're doing.' Alex looks uncomfortable with this idea, that what I'll say will make her mother want to live. 'I'm bringing Sid, ' she says. 'If he doesn't come, then I'm not going.' I'm about to protest, but I see the look in her eyes and know this is yet another battle that I'm bound to lose. Something about this guy is helping her. And Scottie seems to like him. He can keep her distracted. He can work for me. 'Okay, ' I say. 'Deal.

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