And Im Quotes

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And Im Quotes: Im crazy. Im funny. Im cute. Im brave. Im girly. Im sweet. Im cheerful. Im annoying. Im just me and I like it that way.

And Im Quote: Im breaking down because Im sick of never being good enough and Im done trying to be.

Quotes about And Im: Im tired of broken promises. Im tired of my friends talking behind my back and Im tired of selfish people. So there for Im done forgiving.

Quote about And Im: Im fabulous. Im an incredible dresser, Ive got buckets of money, Im a hoot and a half and I got a killer rack.

And Im Sayings: Im not saying Im number one, uh sorry I lied Im number one two three four and five. -Krs One

And Im Saying: Im feelin real damn pimpish, im blinging, im high as a kite -Lil Wyte (Feelin' Real Pimpish)

And Im Greetings: im caried away and im buyin a bunch -Dwags (Addicted)

And Im Messages: Im OVER you and Im UNDER someone else.

Sayings about And Im: sometimes i feel like im locked up and im free -8Ball & MJG (While We Here)

Saying about And Im: Cause im so turned up and im burnin that loud -T.I. (Oh Yeah from Fuck Da City Up Mixtape, 2012)

And Im Quotes: And im feelin real pimpish from this life that im livin -Lil Wyte (Feelin' Real Pimpish)

And Im Quote: im gettin real gwap im poppin like pills pop graffiti shell tones im real hip hop -Murphy Lee (My Shoes)

Quotes about And Im: Im not a star, somebody lied Im rolling weed up in my car and getting high. -Wiz Khalifa

Quote about And Im: im strong and im proud -Ronnie Day (Falling For You)

And Im Sayings: I been partyn alot.. Oh freakin well! Im single and a college student so Im living my life!

And Im Saying: I hate when people dont watch where Im going when Im walking and texting. -Azgraybebly Joslan

And Im Greetings: Just because Im content with who I am, and because of that Im happy

And Im Messages: Im not pretending to be anyone, Youre just Jealous that Im somone and youre no one.