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Verse1. Burrito Joints roll them up smoke them with my BOYZ never lose my poise cottonmouth we take it out with water from the Coi's Fortune Hunters get money or there's no Summer no shine if we don't shine Rainbow Lettuce, Cheese Factory formula, Killer Tomatoes, Sweet & Sour Cream, Seabiscit Triple Crown Horse Radish, in the Burrito Blunts, oh what good grub to blaze up and munch I'm Al my girl Bea Black & Yellow sign all me like Third Army El Manuel's hand manual teach you how to roll it up get that Forever Green like Evergreen Brooklyn Avey our Avi's Mexicatessen lessons on how to roll up them Burrito Joints Orange Bang & Kush got us feeling on bang and loose Tamarindo brown resin Burrito Joints keep the crowd guessing shoot it to win like Winchestah jocking is Gunsmith & Westend smoking them Burrito Joints until you burried in the Deadend
Verse2. Roll it then toke it get loced quick blow wind like from the Santa Ana's extend my yellow banana with Burrito Joints call them a Royal Kingdom in The Joint a crown is ten caps that's how I figured that now can you handle the relapse when you smoke them Burrito Joints no chorra you go loca when you roll and toka no joka get some sopa Raw Man Brain goes good with some Burrito Joints and some Double Decker Supremes extra sour cream feel the power when eyes murder block bleed yes indeed the best stuff in DA L.AND took some advice from Rockey's Burrito Truck on how to roll them Burrito Joints up and the other Taco Trucks right on Beverly Blvd. & Morengo now that's what's up
Verse3. Bellflower Purple Haze in my Burrito Blunt Del Taco I taught them Vatos how to roll one up getting fried with a side of french fries no need for Ketchup I'm to fast how I roll it up and smoke it up get that hot cash real fast like Green Pato ring my bells like the symbol of the bell and the taco Taco Bell where I'm from it could be a walk through Hell I'd rather take the straight way to Heaven and roll up my Burrito Joints for my Made Ninjaz in The Joint what a good feel like Oh Boy! call us O-Zone Boyz I'm on another channel messing with Channel's no commercial breaks one hit you stuck from the gate on a trip oneway to the next Galaxy have you puffing on the Chocalate Thai Milky Way in outer space have you feeling Giant Mars is our red caviar eggs how we are head on top of the mountain with Burrito Joints in our hands real live turf talk straight from the Derty Ferty L.And call me and my nigz The Burrito Joint Men & Women

Kamikaze Loon
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