Bitch Incontrarci Quotes

Bitch Incontrarci Quotes: Incontrarci a mezz'aria se qualcosa andrà storto, -Salmo (S.A.L.M.O.)

Bitch Incontrarci Quote: So you're the bitch that told the bitch that I'm a bitch, well listen bitch it takes a bitch to know a bitch, bitch. -Harriet Morgan

Quotes about Bitch Incontrarci: che non riusciamo ad incontrarci mai ne io ne te -Di Cataldo Massimo (Sai Cosa C'è)

Quote about Bitch Incontrarci: So you're the bitch that told the bitch that I'm a bitch. Well listen bitch, it takes a bitch to know a bitch.

Bitch Incontrarci Sayings: Takes a bitch to know a bitch. But if you call me a bitch, I will show you just how much of a bitch I can be.

Bitch Incontrarci Saying: 'Sup bitch? Hahaha bitch bitch ooh we're gonna have fun hehehe ooh yes -Insane Clown Posse 'ICP' (Let A Killa)

Bitch Incontrarci Greetings: I'm not a bitch, I am THE bitch and that's miss bitch to you so you better say it with a smile!

Bitch Incontrarci Messages: Nerds Rap: Math city bitch, math math city bitch, math city bitch, math math city bitch, 10, 10, 10 and 20 equals 50 bitch.

Sayings about Bitch Incontrarci: Live like a bitch, to bitch you gonna die -Common (Featuring Sonny Of P.O.D.)

Saying about Bitch Incontrarci: I got a bad bitch, yeah that bitch right -Chief Keef (I Don't Like feat. Lil Reese)

Bitch Incontrarci Quotes: leather and recupe bitch. Its only me you bitch on -Lil (Hoes)

Bitch Incontrarci Quote: Life's a bitch, but God forbid the bitch divorce me...

Quotes about Bitch Incontrarci: Bitch try to finesse me, I slapped the bitch like Gucci -Lil B (Swag My Bitch Up)

Quote about Bitch Incontrarci: Well look I like a bad bitch, on the back bitch, -Ricky Hil (The Professional)

Bitch Incontrarci Sayings: This bitch, that bitch, coming up fast, I’m drunk -Young Dro (Refill)

Bitch Incontrarci Saying: Organized crime, bitch, all the time bitch -E-40 (All Tha Time)

Bitch Incontrarci Greetings: Your bitch bad, but my bitch better -Nelly (My Chick Better)

Bitch Incontrarci Messages: You a hatin ass bitch so what I'm the baddest bitch. -Trina

Sayings about Bitch Incontrarci: With, bitch. I don't have to holla at a bitch -GoldLink (Fuck Being Polite)

Saying about Bitch Incontrarci: Prove to you, bitch, my guns bust, no punk in me, bitch -Buddha Monk (U Don't Want It With Me)

Bitch Incontrarci Quotes: Say bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch -Too Short (Pimpin' Forever)

Bitch Incontrarci Quote: Locate right birthday's bitch, and her maid I'ma worse their bitch -Dusty McFly (ShoBoat)

Quotes about Bitch Incontrarci: Bitch, this shit is real, bitch -NAS (Hope A Cappella Version)

Quote about Bitch Incontrarci: Bitch is a universal word, you can say at the end of any sentence... bitch.

Bitch Incontrarci Sayings: Nigga round my bitch bitch -Yo Gotti (Second Chances)

Bitch Incontrarci Saying: You just mad with no bitch cause I'm chilling with your bitch -Meek Mill (Epic)

Bitch Incontrarci Greetings: This bitch, that bitch, big dick, fat dick, put it up in ya butt -Max B (Live Comfortable)

Bitch Incontrarci Messages: I be bitch, break a bitch, it’s a wrap -2 Chainz (Em Down)

Sayings about Bitch Incontrarci: Misuse the bitch, refuse me then his family gone lose the bitch -B.G. (Clean up man)

Saying about Bitch Incontrarci: You a industry bitch, I'm a in the streets bitch -Foxy Brown (Oh Yeah'feat. Spagga Benz)

Bitch Incontrarci Quotes: And if the bitch thick, than imma dick the bitch down. -Yo Gotti (Fuck Your Bestfriend)

Bitch Incontrarci Quote: Oh shit, look out bitch, dump a bitch catch a plane -8Ball And MJG (Lay It Down)

Quotes about Bitch Incontrarci: Bitch on the bitch -Gorilla Zoe (Like A Drug)

Quote about Bitch Incontrarci: Tristan was a Christian bitch, a physco kinda mistress bitch -Yo Gotti (Fuck Your Bestfriend)

Bitch Incontrarci Sayings: I don't like your zone, bitch, your microphone bitch -Fiend (Slangin')

Bitch Incontrarci Saying: If payback is a bitch and revenge is sweet. Then I'm the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet.