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birthday cards and Christmas cards. I got this package of poems and artwork based around the songs. They've got this thing called 'Floetry' where they all have to put in artwork. They've set up their own competitions and stuff which is kind of amazing. -Florence Welch">ive-got-some-incredible-fans-actually-loyal-they-make-me-card-birthday-cards-christmas-cards-i-got-this-package-poems-artwork-based-around-florence-welch
I'M SORRY I am developing a new board game. It's called 'I'm Sorry.' It's also a form of 'Self-Help Psychological Therapy!' You take turns moving around the board like Monopoly. But if you land on a Yellow or Green 'I'm Sorry Space'... you have to make a Phone call. Both green and yellow cards are labeled- the same with things like: Your Ex, Parental figure, friend, co-worker, boss, children, etc. You get the point... If you land on the yellow space, the game stops, everyone gets quiet and you have to call that person up - on speakerphone. You apologize for something you've done in your past. Come on you know you are not perfect and you probably screwed up, hurt or disappointed everyone in your past at one time or another. So you call and you apologize. You explain what you did to them wrong if they forgive you, you move forward 10 places and everyone cheers! No forgiveness back- you move back to the beginning. If you land on the green space- it's similar. But you call the person up and you try to explain to them how, in someway, they hurt you in the past. If they apologize... cheers and you move forward 10 spaces. No apology... move backward ten spaces. They curse at you- game over. In the original packaging of the yellow and green cards, are mixed in a set of 'I'm Sorry Cards.' If you are lucky enough to get to pick up an 'I'm Sorry Card, ' it's like a Get Out of Jail Free Card, and you don't have to make the call. The only catch is that the cards come hermetically sealed. After opening up the package, and the cards are exposed to air, all of the 'I'm Sorry Cards, ' magically turn into 'Deal With it Cards!' And so, you really never get a free ride. In reality, every time you pick up a yellow or green card, you have to- Deal with It! Of course you can always order a new factory set of sealed of 'I'm Sorry Cards.' But they only last about 30 minutes and are very expensive, so you'll have to play fast. Cute Game? Hey, don't steal my idea!!!

Jose N. Harris