Christian Quotes

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Christian Quotes: Faith makes a Christian. Life proves a Christian. Trial confirms a Christian. Death crowns a Christian.

Christian Quote: But, If I'm a christian, you a christian, why we fighting -Erica Diamonds (Hands to the ceilin)

Quotes about Christian: Being born in a Christian home does not make you a Christian.

Quote about Christian: My object will be, if possible, to form Christian men, for Christian boys I can scarcely hope to make.

Christian Sayings: They ask am I a Christian rapper, a rapper that's a Christian -Dee-1 (I'm Not Perfect)

Christian Saying: If a man cannot be a Christian in the place where he is, he cannot be a Christian anywhere. -Henry Ward Beecher

Christian Greetings: The best way is to say that as a Christian for me the essence of Christian faith is that you treat others as if you wish to be treated.

Christian Messages: Christian brother listen -Emmanuel Dahnlo (Victory)

Sayings about Christian: Good Christian soldiers -Napalm Death (Forewarned Is Disarmed?)

Saying about Christian: 'Cause Billy Christian knows -Jean Shepard (Billy Christian)

Christian Quotes: Where is Billy Christian? -Jean Shepard (Billy Christian)

Christian Quote: Obeyer of Christian behavior -Morissette Alanis (King Of Intimidation)

Quotes about Christian: The Judeo-Christian society -Todd Rundgren (Motherland)

Quote about Christian: Announcing this christian holocaust -Blasphemium (From the Dark Eternity)

Christian Sayings: I'm a Christian -Dee-1 (I'm Not Perfect)

Christian Saying: You silly little christian -A Fallen Mind (God is an Atheist)

Christian Greetings: Suffer, you christian bastads -Alghazanth (The Unbounded Wrath)

Christian Messages: Chilled in horror - christian death -Darkthrone (Summer Of Diabolical Holocaust)