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It's clear that if we use the mind attentively, mental power is increased, and if we concentrate the mind in the moment, it is easier to coordinate mind and body. But in terms of mind and body unity, is there something we can concentrate on that will reliably aid us in discovering this state of coordination? In Japan, and to some degree other Asian countries, people have historically focused mental strength in the hara (abdomen) as a way of realizing their full potential. Japan has traditionally viewed the hara as the vital center of humanity in a manner not dissimilar to the Western view of the heart or brain. I once read that years ago Japanese children were asked to point to the origin of thoughts and feelings. They inevitably pointed toward the abdominal region. When the same question was asked of American children, most pointed at their heads or hearts. Likewise, Japan and the West have commonly held differing views of what is physical power or physical health, with Japan emphasizing the strength of the waist and lower body and Western people admiring upper body power. (Consider the ideal of the sumo wrestler versus the V-shaped Western bodybuilder with a narrow waist and broad shoulders.) However, East and West also hold similar viewpoints regarding the hara, and we're perhaps not as dissimilar as some might imagine. For instance, hara ga nai hito describes a cowardly person, 'a person with no hara.' Sounds similar to our saying that so-and-so 'has no guts, ' doesn't it?

H.E. Davey
Professor Smith has kindly submitted his book to me before publication. After reading it thoroughly and with intense interest I am glad to comply with his request to give him my impression. The work is a broadly conceived attempt to portray man's fear-induced animistic and mythic ideas with all their far-flung transformations and interrelations. It relates the impact of these phantasmagorias on human destiny and the causal relationships by which they have become crystallized into organized religion. This is a biologist speaking, whose scientific training has disciplined him in a grim objectivity rarely found in the pure historian. This objectivity has not, however, hindered him from emphasizing the boundless suffering which, in its end results, this mythic thought has brought upon man. Professor Smith envisages as a redeeming force, training in objective observation of all that is available for immediate perception and in the interpretation of facts without preconceived ideas. In his view, only if every individual strives for truth can humanity attain a happier future; the atavisms in each of us that stand in the way of a friendlier destiny can only thus be rendered ineffective. His historical picture closes with the end of the nineteenth century, and with good reason. By that time it seemed that the influence of these mythic, authoritatively anchored forces which can be denoted as religious, had been reduced to a tolerable level in spite of all the persisting inertia and hypocrisy. Even then, a new branch of mythic thought had already grown strong, one not religious in nature but no less perilous to mankind - exaggerated nationalism. Half a century has shown that this new adversary is so strong that it places in question man's very survival. It is too early for the present-day historian to write about this problem, but it is to be hoped that one will survive who can undertake the task at a later date.

Albert Einstein
There is no cooperation between different local civilization in science, especially if it is related to the philosophy and methodology of science. Science is very, very difficult activity area and it is not for mediocre minds. Science in modern sense requires various kind of labs, experiments, sophisticated research techniques, and so on, therefore, in order to do science any civilization needs a lot of experience and tradition, which should go back at least one century, and of course, brilliant minds. However, without experience and tradition no brilliant mind can do a serious science. That is why not every local civilization can do science, let alone cooperate in doing science. in strict sense of term, the "brain center" of modern science belongs to Western civilization - whatever you study and research is based on the philosophy and methodology of western science, the most brilliant minds of global civilization, not depending on nationality, are closely connected with Western civilization, most of them, if not any, either studied in western universities or did research there. But that detail is very, very offensive for "intellectuals" of any other local civilizations that can neither fundamentally integrate into western science nor can share any intellectual food from there. It causes the Ego damage on them: they cannot do a serious science for lack of labs and experiments, they cannot follow what goes in science because of language barrier, and no serious international academic sphere acknowledge them as true intellectual. if they cannot do science, then they do their best to undermine the confidence of science through emphasizing the importance of Holy scriptures and mystical-philosophical speculation. Wherever there are no serious scientific minds, there are strong speculative minds. "Intellectuals", who hold speculative mind but incapable of doing science, try to create their spiritual leader image, it does not matter whether they use religion or philosophy for it, in any case, they do their best to compensate for the Ego damage caused by science through this way. They insist as if some spiritual reality exists in the Universe, only though their mystic power or experience you can gain access to that spirituality, which cannot be distinguished and understood by any science. In their mind, they are kind of extra-ordinary men that scientist can never be. However, such spirituality never serves to self-perfection but to the compensation of Ego damage, that is why it makes them more stupid but not more perfected.

Elmar Hussein
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