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Every I Quotes: Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every night -60 Second Assassin (Paradise)

Every I Quote: I'd be lying if I said I had confidence in every choice I've made, that I have faith in every film I do on every shot.

Quotes about Every I: It's killing me not to talk to you: Every memory, every word, every thought, every feeling... I can't handle missing you.

Quote about Every I: Baby, you've started to criticize every, every, every little thing that I do -Barry Mann (You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin')

Every I Sayings: Truth is, I miss you. All the time, every second, every minute, every hour, everyday...

Every I Saying: Every every every time I try to speak -Morrison Van (Cyprus Avenue)

Every I Greetings: For every day, I miss you. For every hour, I need you. For every minute, I feel you. For every second, I want you. Forever, I love you.

Every I Messages: Every second every minute every hour I -Jason Chen (Music Never Sleeps)

Sayings about Every I: I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty. -John D Rockefeller

Saying about Every I: I want to travel the world touch every ocean experience every culture climb every mountain see the world in its fullest

Every I Quotes: Every test, every trial, every heartache that's been significant, I can turn it over and see how God has turned it into good no matter what.

Every I Quote: Can't you tell I'm in love with you I've loved you every minute of every day of every month that I've know you

Quotes about Every I: Faith crosses every border and touches every heart in every nation.

Quote about Every I: Every tear and every loss, every road that we have crossed -Watermark (Made for You)

Every I Sayings: I pray every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up.

Every I Saying: Every sprouting tree, every child apiece, every cloud at sea -Gorillaz (Sunshine In A Bag)

Every I Greetings: Every bag, every blouse, every bracelet, comes with a price tag, baby, face it. -Pusha T

Every I Messages: Like every day in every way and every where you go, just ain't safe -Joey BADA$$ (Survival Tactics feat. Capital STEEZ)