Expected Quotes

Expected Quotes: It is an endless procession of surprises. The expected rarely occurs and never in the expected manner. -Vernon A Walters

Expected Quote: One should expect that the expected can be prevented, but the unexpected should have been expected. -Norman Ralph Augustine

Quotes about Expected: You least expected -Gorillaz (911)

Quote about Expected: Expected to heal -Tarot (Expected To Heal)

Expected Sayings: Further than expected -1life (Stars Don't Fall)

Expected Saying: When nothing is expected -ROBBIE WILLIAMS (Karaoke: Radio)

Expected Greetings: Never mind who expected it -Viva Voce (Daylight)

Expected Messages: I never expected it to -Wing (Don't Cry For Me Argentina)

Sayings about Expected: This is what you expected -Oh The Irony (Birds)

Saying about Expected: That's what is expected -Alexa Vega (Infected)

Expected Quotes: That everyone expected to be -Chumbawamba (This Girl)

Expected Quote: She expected more from me -Willy Porter (Rita)

Quotes about Expected: Health is my expected heaven. -John Keats

Quote about Expected: It comes when least expected -Shihad (Funeral Dance)

Expected Sayings: And nothing goes as expected -Tickle Me Pink (We're Not Alone)

Expected Saying: what i expected from myself -Heavenly Beat (Expectation)

Expected Greetings: Nothing ever expected, I was rejected -Porcupine Tree (My Ashes)

Expected Messages: It was more than I expected -De-Phazz (Trash Box)

Sayings about Expected: I've accepted, expected it -Terrible Things (Not Alone)

Saying about Expected: I balme myself to have expected -Ellegarden (Lonesome)

Expected Quotes: What's expected of you. -TSUNAMI BOMB (5150)

Expected Quote: No one expected betrayal from within -Bonded by Blood (Genetic Encryption)

Quotes about Expected: like you expected me to be -F5 (Love Is Dead)

Quote about Expected: X, Jigga, and Ja as expected -JA RULE (It's Murda)

Expected Sayings: Is this what we least expected -Synthetic Breed (Afflictions of Advancement)

Expected Saying: Not what you’ve expected -Paddy and the Rats (Bastards Back Home)

Expected Greetings: This is not what we expected, -Provoke, Destroy (This Asylum)

Expected Messages: Strike the match, just what I expected -The Notorious B.I.G. (Niggas Bleed)

Sayings about Expected: Know what's expected and exceed it -Andrew Mason (Risin' Above the Pack)

Saying about Expected: Stronger, faster, better, more than you expected -Miss Montreal (Sothisishome 1)

Expected Quotes: Well this may not be what we expected -One21 (Tour)

Expected Quote: Even if your apathy was what I expected -Emilie Autumn (Ever)

Quotes about Expected: Real love begins when nothing is expected in return

Quote about Expected: In them I had expected to find his opposites -Caroline Lavelle (Simple Lyric)

Expected Sayings: Expect the unexpected because nothing in life is expected.

Expected Saying: But its cool, the baby mama drama is expected, -Tech N9ne (That's My Kid)