Get There Quotes

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Get There Quotes: It's at home, so get there, get there and stay there -Lyfe Jennings (LET'S STAY TOGETHER)

Get There Quote: You may not get there today, you may not get there tomorrow..but you WILL get there.

Quotes about Get There: You will get there when you are meant to get there and not one moment sooner so relax breathe and be patient

Quote about Get There: There are some things that you'll never get over, but if you use all of your strength there's nothing that you can't get through. -Sonya Parker

Get There Sayings: Then get ready cause I gotta get there -Mary Mary (Sunday Morning)

Get There Saying: Follow, get down, 'cause there's nothing back there -Youngblood Hawke (Last Time)

Get There Greetings: There are thirteen ways your gonna get there -Earthride (Earthride)

Get There Messages: I've got to get there, got to get there -Grace Jones (On My Way)

Sayings about Get There: It's alright, get there, stay there -Erasure (Senseless Avalon Remix)

Saying about Get There: Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday -Winnie The Pooh

Get There Quotes: There's a message for us, we can get there by bus -Fountains of Wayne (Killermont Street)

Get There Quote: Times get hard my homies gone be there I know you there for me -Snoop Dogg (D.O.G.'s Get Lonely 2)

Quotes about Get There: Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there. -Virginia Burden

Quote about Get There: America has long been the leader of the free world. But we did not get there in an easy way. Likewise, Iraq is not going to get there in an easy way. -Saxby Chambliss

Get There Sayings: There'll be time to get by, to get dry after the swimming pool -Animal Collective (Banshee Beat)

Get There Saying: Who cares what happens when we get there, when the getting there has been so much fun? -Will Schuester

Get There Greetings: Get-get-get-get-get-get on the dance floor, baby -Zapp & Roger (More Bounce To The Ounce)

Get There Messages: Get-get-get-get-get-get on the dance floor, mama -Zapp & Roger (More Bounce To The Ounce)