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Although science is very, very essential for description and explanation of what is going around and inside us, it is not the only way of doing it and cannot even be the only one for doing it. Any science studies what is observable in labs, experiments, and so on. What is not observable, at least for nowaday scientific mind and technological apparatus, is considered as non-existence or unreality for science. It is also obvious that as technology that is necessary for investigation of scientific realism improves, according to it the scientific mind also perfects, and consequently, some phenomenon that considered as non-existence before is going to be accepted as existence later. Before advent of that future time nowaday scientific mind formulates some hypothesis on the base of logical thinking about what could exist beyond scientific realism. Such kind of hypothesis is not scientific, it is philosophical, sometimes the product of speculative mind or mysticism. It is more difficult for rational mind to work in that "unobservable" pure hypothetical-theoretical level rather than "observable" scientific-empirical level, and it requires high agile mind and delicate dialectical intuition that reality never stays the same, and some of what is unknown and unobservable, therefore non-existent one now is going to be known and observable, therefore existent one in future; some of what is true nowadays is going to be false later, and vice versa. And in that delicate situation your rational mind should propose his hypothesis.

Elmar Hussein
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