Its Real Quotes

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Its Real Quotes: Its all said and done, its real, and its been fun.

Its Real Quote: For real man its like when you find out santa clause ain't real -Lil Bibby (Tomorrow)

Quotes about Its Real: No one stays true. Its like an addiction cuz aint no one real... its all fiction.

Quote about Its Real: Why did men worship in churches, locking themselves away in the dark, when the world lay beyond its doors in all its real glory? -Charles De Lint

Its Real Sayings: When you leave its not becausee your love wasnt real its because you'ree tired of your love being taken for granted.

Its Real Saying: Don't confuse party friends with real friends. When its time to have fun you'll have a lot of party friends. Real friends are always around.

Its Real Greetings: Its real dog, I live in the fire -CAM'RON (Losing Weight Part 2)

Its Real Messages: Nigga this ain't rap its that real shit -Maino (Here Comes Trouble)

Sayings about Its Real: all my words are real its a reality word -Aftersleem (Walk With Me)

Saying about Its Real: The past, with its pleasures, its rewards, its foolishness, its punishments, is there for each of us forever, and it should be. -Lillian Hellman

Its Real Quotes: When you get older you realize its not as important to have a lot of friends. Its more important to have real friends.

Its Real Quote: Open lanes on the ave its time to ride for real -Doughboyz Cashout (Good Ass Day)

Quotes about Its Real: If its not the real deal then i dont know it -Alabama Shakes (I Found You)

Quote about Its Real: Territory is but the body of a nation. The people who inhabit its hills and valleys are its soul, its spirit, its life. -James A Garfield

Its Real Sayings: Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit.

Its Real Saying: If yuh don't know nuttin bout real, real, real blue steel -Mavado (Real Killa No Chorus)

Its Real Greetings: No, we got some, real niggas, real blingas, real money makers -P. Diddy (On Top'feat. Loon, Marsha)

Its Real Messages: Life in slow motion, somehow it don't feel real, real, real -David Gray (Slow Motion)