Its Real Meaning Quotes

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Its Real Meaning Quotes: But even in the Christian religion, much of its real meaning is hidden by words that are misleading and symbols that but few understand.

Its Real Meaning Quote: Its all said and done, its real, and its been fun.

Quotes about Its Real Meaning: Remember its meaning -Tank (Don't Dream in the Dark)

Quote about Its Real Meaning: A real parish is a wondrously beautiful web of human relationship which is given meaning by the man who is Himself the meaning of life. -C Kilmer Myers

Its Real Meaning Sayings: To live in this world without pondering its meaning is like wandering in a great library without touching its books

Its Real Meaning Saying: Its got meaning, oh -Clay Aiken (Grease)

Its Real Meaning Greetings: Its meaning never changes -Animaniacs (The Hello Song)

Its Real Meaning Messages: The meaning of its state -Sonic Youth (Making the Nature Scene)

Sayings about Its Real Meaning: For real man its like when you find out santa clause ain't real -Lil Bibby (Tomorrow)

Saying about Its Real Meaning: played out and lost its meaning, -Let's Get It (A Closer Reference)

Its Real Meaning Quotes: Lose its meaning after a while -Commander Venus (Waiting For Enoch Arden)

Its Real Meaning Quote: And how everything else would lose its meaning -Blindside (About a Burning Fire)

Quotes about Its Real Meaning: I'm losing sight of its meaning -Veruca Salt (Aurora)

Quote about Its Real Meaning: The real meaning of a true FRIENDSHIP should be UNDERSTANDING. -Terry Mark

Its Real Meaning Sayings: To finally be in love and know the real meaning of -Lauryn Hill (I Gotta Find Peace of Mind)

Its Real Meaning Saying: Nothing happens by chance, my friend... No such thing as luck. A meaning behind every little thing, and such a meaning behind this. Part for you, part for me, may not see it all real clear right now, but we will, before long. -Richard Bach

Its Real Meaning Greetings: The word 'happiness' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

Its Real Meaning Messages: True love is rare, and it's the only thing that gives life real meaning.