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to let the actions of a deluded dictator shape your very notions of what this nation was, is and will continue to be, is to give that dictator far more power than he ever stole for himself. To allow the unconscionable dealings of a minority deform and mutate what it means to be Egyptian is just as great an unconscionable act. A nation is its people, and we're 85 million strong. Even if you were to fill the high walls of Tora with every last fraudulent being to have ever roamed the land, as a percentage of the total population what you'd probably end up with is, well, a footnote... is it not pride-pride in our nation and nationality in our history and heritage-that catalysed the revolution? Without it, why even bother? Deep down, beneath the national disappointment, depression and devastation, there must have been an unshakable pride. A pride that was hurt by the regime. And when that hurt got so bad, the nation acted out. It collectively said, 'Screw this and screw you... What we witnessed in Tahrir [January 25, 2011] was a protective instinct that chased the British out of Egypt and gave the Square the very soul-stirring name we know it by. The same pride that had us wrench back control of our Suez Canal and the same sense of patriotism that, in 2011 BC, had the ancients rise up against a fearsome ruler who had reigned supreme for 94 long years. Not bad considering the Pharaohs didn't even have Facebook... And even if, God forbid, scary men-with excess facial hair who insist on sporting clothing in that terribly unflattering midi-length-were to somehow wrench control of this nation, I would still be proud to be an Egyptian. Although I'd probably sulk off to some city where the authorities allowed me to attract men using only the power of my hair. The term to revolt 'against' something only tells half the story. you don't just revolt 'against' a regime or an oppressor. You revolt for freedom, for democracy, for a better life. You revolt on behalf of a deep-seated faith that things should be better. And in that sense there were millions revolting long before the nation descended upon Tahrir. Those who insisted on staying in Egypt and investing their skills in the homeland, despite daily difficulties... they were revolting. Those who fought against red tape, ignorance, ingratitude, and evil temptations to build clean and credible businesses, however big or small... they were revolting. Those who worked for a pittance, even though they knew their education and skills entitled them to so much more-the doctors, nurses, teachers, and the civil servants... they too were revolting. They could have given up and said, 'Why bother? It can't be done.' But the very act of waking up each morning and getting down to business, the very act of survival, was a revolutionary one. Those-to paraphrase the poem-who held on when there was nothing in them, except the will which said to them to hold on... they were all revolting.

Amy Mowafi
Seigneur je suis tre¨s fatigue. Je suis ne fatigue. Et j'ai beaucoup marche depuis le chant du coq Et le morne est bien haut qui me¨ne e leur ecole. Seigneur, je ne veux plus aller e leur ecole, Faites, je vous en prie, que je n'y aille plus. Je veux suivre mon pe¨re dans les ravines frae®ches Quand la nuit flotte encore dans le myste¨re des bois Oe¹ glissent les esprits que l'aube vient chasser. Je veux aller pieds nus par les rouges sentiers Que cuisent les flammes de midi, Je veux dormir ma sieste au pied des lourds manguiers, Je veux me reveiller Lorsque le -bas mugit la sire¨ne des blancs Et que l'Usine Sur l'ocean des cannes Comme un bateau ancre Vomit dans la campagne son equipage ne¨gre... Seigneur, je ne veux plus aller e leur ecole, Faites, je vous en prie, que je n'y aille plus. Ils racontent qu'il faut qu'un petit ne¨gre y aille Pour qu'il devienne pareil Aux messieurs de la ville Aux messieurs comme il faut Mais moi je ne veux pas Devenir, comme ils disent, Un monsieur de la ville, Un monsieur comme il faut. Je prefe¨re fle¢ner le long des sucreries Oe¹ sont les sacs repus Que gonfle un sucre brun autant que ma peau brune. Je prefe¨re vers l'heure oe¹ la lune amoureuse Parle bas e l'oreille des cocotiers penches Ecouter ce que dit dans la nuit La voix cassee d'un vieux qui raconte en fumant Les histoires de Zamba et de compe¨re Lapin Et bien d'autres choses encore Qui ne sont pas dans les livres. Les ne¨gres, vous le savez, n'ont que trop travaille. Pourquoi faut-il de plus apprendre dans les livres Qui nous parlent de choses qui ne sont point d'ici ? Et puis elle est vraiment trop triste leur ecole, Triste comme Ces messieurs de la ville, Ces messieurs comme il faut Qui ne savent plus danser le soir au clair de lune Qui ne savent plus marcher sur la chair de leurs pieds Qui ne savent plus conter les contes aux veillees. Seigneur, je ne veux plus aller e leur ecole.

Guy Tirolien
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