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Fuck y'all! This shit is fuckin' terrible, man I'm gettin' the fuck outta here. This is the tale of two parties yo. 18 verse 30 yanamsayin'? Young, reckless, dumb, dickhead, house party, havin' fun shit. Verse payin' $500 just to go out and stand around a bunch of booshie, stuck up motherfuckers man. Fuck every club in this city that make motherfuckers take off they Nikes. Fuck every club in this city that make motherfuckers take off they hats. Fuck every club in this city that charge a cover to get in your bullshit club, you don't get nothin' with that cover, but to stand there cramped with a bunch of clown motherfuckers. You gotta wait in line for three hours to get a fuckin' drink. You gotta wait in line for three hours to use the bathroom. Maaaaaan. Shit ain't the same no more man. I remember being young in college, man I may be a young guy, man we would just fuckin' chill with our friends and have a good time. Now...going out man require so much energy man, so much fuckin' bullshit. Niggas gotta wear a suit to fuckin' drink. A suit?! Get the fuck outta here with that shit man. The thing about it is though...either way...the goal is to get fucked up. So however you gotta do that shit. Whether it's gettin' high at home or chillin' with your boys man. Do that. Cause this going out shit is gettin'g played out in 2012. I'm 30 years old man, I can't fuck with this shit no more. I'mma end up murdering a bouncer or some shit man. Stabbing a doorman in the fucking neck with his pen. Beat him to death with his clipboard. Why y'all have a clipboard? You can't remember who the fuck's on the list? Is it that many motherfuckers you gotta stand there with a fuckin' clipboard? This ain't New York motherfucker this is Philly. What the fuck y'all got a velvet rope for man? I'll kick that shit the fuck over. We don't do that shit man. Fuck that. I'm about to go to motherfuckin' Broad Street Diner, steak and eggs, go the fuck home. This night is over my nigga

Reef The Lost Cauze
Bliss?' I called. 'Yeah?' 'Check the drawers of the nightstand! She was playing with it in the middle of the night, and I think I remember taking it away and sticking it in there.' 'Okay!' Through the open door, I watched her circle around the edge of the bed. I walked in place for a few seconds, letting my feet drop a little heavier than necessary, then opened and closed the door like I'd gone back inside the bathroom. Then I hid in the space between the back of the bedroom door and the wall where I could just see through the crack between the hinges. She pulled open the top drawer, and my heartbeat was like a bass drum. I don't know when it had started beating so hard, but now it was all that I could hear. It wasn't like I was asking her to marry me now. I just knew Bliss, and knew she tended to panic. I was giving her a very big, very obvious hint so that she'd have time to adjust before I actually asked her. Then in a few months, when I thought she'd gotten used to the idea, I'd ask her for real. That was the plan anyway. It was supposed to be simple, but this felt... complicated. Suddenly, I thought of all the thousands of ways this could go wrong. What if she freaked out? What if she ran like she did our first night together? If she ran, would she go back to Texas? Or would she go to Cade who lived in North Philly? He'd let her stay until she figured things out, and then what if something developed between them? What if she just flat out told me no? Everything was good right now. Perfect, actually. What if I was ruining it by pulling this stunt? I was so caught up in my doomsday predictions that I didn't even see the moment that she found the box. I heard her open it though, and I heard her exhale and say, 'Oh my God.' Where before my mouth had been dry, now I couldn't swallow fast enough. My hands were shaking against the door. She was just standing there with her back to me. I couldn't see her face. All I could see was her tense, straight spine. She swayed slightly. What if she passed out? What if I'd scared her so much that she actually lost consciousness? I started to think of ways to explain it away. I was keeping it for a friend? It was a prop for a show? It was... It was... shit, I didn't know. I could just apologize. Tell her I knew it was too fast. I waited for her to do something-scream, run, cry, faint. Anything would be better than her stillness. I should have just been honest with her. I wasn't good at things like this. I said what I was thinking-no plans, no manipulation. Finally, when I thought my body would crumble under the stress alone, she turned. She faced the bed, and I only got her profile, but she was biting her lip. What did that mean? Was she just thinking? Thinking of a way to get out of it? Then, slowly, like the sunrise peeking over the horizon, she smiled. She snapped the box closed. She didn't scream. She didn't run. She didn't faint. There might have been a little crying. But mostly... she danced. She swayed and jumped and smiled the same way she had when the cast list was posted for Phaedra. She lost herself the same way she did after opening night, right before we made love for the first time. Maybe I didn't have to wait a few months after all. She said she wanted my best line tomorrow after the show, and now I knew what it was going to be.

Cora Carmack
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