Real Quotes

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Real Quotes: If yuh don't know nuttin bout real, real, real blue steel -Mavado (Real Killa No Chorus)

Real Quote: No, we got some, real niggas, real blingas, real money makers -P. Diddy (On Top'feat. Loon, Marsha)

Quotes about Real: Life in slow motion, somehow it don't feel real, real, real -David Gray (Slow Motion)

Quote about Real: He whispers you love me real or not real I tell him real

Real Sayings: When he whispers 'You love me, real or not real?' I say, 'Real.' -The Hunger Games

Real Saying: We got some, real niggas, real blingas, real money makers -P. Diddy (On Top'feat. Loon, Marsha)

Real Greetings: Squawtin real low, got me drivin real slow, she's a real ho -DR DRE (Put It On Me'feat. DJ Quik, Mimi)

Real Messages: I like movies that are about real people in real time with real problems.

Sayings about Real: Your love is real, real, real -Will Young (Your Love Is King)

Saying about Real: You're still trying to protect me, real or not real,' he said. 'Real, because that's what you and I do, protect each other.' -The Hunger Games

Real Quotes: I knew this was real, got to be real -Beyonce Knowles (The Closer I Get To You)

Real Quote: Real, so real's the passion that we live -Secada Jon (Stay)

Quotes about Real: Real recognize real I can't rap to you -Reef The Lost Cauze (Amnesia)

Quote about Real: Real recognizes real, so yo, no one cares -Guru (Night Vision)

Real Sayings: 'Cause we serve 'em up that real, real -Cool Breeze (Good, Good)

Real Saying: And keep it real wit my real niggas -Pastor Troy (Crazy)

Real Greetings: Abstraction is real, probably more real than nature.

Real Messages: You’re real as real ever was -Bruce Springsteen (You've Got It)