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words are playing around me. each writing is a poem.about me. my presence.i look in to her eyes through her portrait. utter silence gives secret smile and then vanished again to come back. t is her writing - I can see my reflection on a paper. thrilled.thought not to read.not let my concentration destructive.but did not happen. i collect all and read many times. it is your version.about me.beautiful. someone can write about me so much , I had no idea. I wonder , if it was me ? what could I say about you on that clean white paper? my little world -how it could be? I have seen your face in shadow. then slowly came little light then gradually shining under sunlight. how would I express your lay-out of face? it is ugly?or beautiful? those eyes, little nose, a little spot on nose, leaf like are different in different occasion... many more. this is in short my version. you write about me, when I will write about you -that will be my version sweetheart. you grown up in front of my desire. your each day passed through my heart. I have your original personality -which getting better and better by days. perhaps getting closer to me. this is my will never know -while you talked to my photo-my whole conscious run after to be present there. my difficult part is -you are composed. you never spoke a word out of art.and I was looking for raw words , where you are open to me, like in my arms, trying to get is in my eye darling. my difficult part-you are too much delicate.along with you I learnt to be sophisticate. I look in to your eyes and felt to deep inside silently , slowly.your soft little body breaking inside my desire , in my wish. then you will get to know my canvas about you. I am watching you growing from common to glorious extraordinary , attractive. you wrote -all because of my love.then I must be part of this. my little world-in my eyes , your story is like gave me a presence in your presence.your lips at time of fighting with me-makes me crazy.your smile or voice keeps me floating , my life force is your slowly sculpture by time. my difficult part is -when you cry. I can listen to it.can't take you in my arms.feel like mad.feel to stop your tears by my touch.this is difficult.deep dark mid night -when you search for me -my difficult time laugh at me.well in my eyes this is your canvas sweetheart.this is my version.words are waiting. the day I will give words to this- then you will be somewhere just beside me. you are you.a beautiful heart.which changed me in love.your beauty is your power to love me , though I am not real.

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