Symbol Quotes

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Symbol Quotes: Always forgive, for it is symbol of strength and never apologise, for it is a symbol of weakness. -Vikrant Parsai

Symbol Quote: See the symbol melts -Corpus Delicti (Absent Friend)

Quotes about Symbol: Disconnected symbol signify no more -Tankard (Broken Image)

Quote about Symbol: Symbol of purity forever black -Neuraxis (Deviation Occurs)

Symbol Sayings: A symbol tells it all -Baltimora (Chinese Restaurant)

Symbol Saying: A symbol translation, soul mutation -Eldorado (Background Radiation)

Symbol Greetings: In symbol rain will fall -Agent Steel (Into The Nowhere)

Symbol Messages: Lift up the suffering symbol -Michael Card (Jubilee)

Sayings about Symbol: The symbol of all loss -Behemoth (At The Left Hand Ov God)

Saying about Symbol: That the symbol of their suffering -Michael Card (Jubilee)

Symbol Quotes: You're a symbol for career -Crushead (Fragile Mind)

Symbol Quote: That has the symbol upon it -Nile (4th Arra Of Dagon)

Quotes about Symbol: The '@' symbol is known as 'ampersat'.

Quote about Symbol: Advertising is a symbol-manipulating occupation. -S I Hayakawa

Symbol Sayings: Plus I'm a sex symbol -Juelz Santana (Oh Yes)

Symbol Saying: Light is the symbol of truth.

Symbol Greetings: Young and successful - a sex symbol -Ludacris (Move Bitch'feat. I-20, Mystikal)

Symbol Messages: The symbol on you're sleeves -Barbie's Cradle (Wing)