Take Oops Quotes

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Take Oops Quotes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday oops -AAA (Friday Party)

Take Oops Quote: Oops I bet you thought -Taylor Swift (Irreplaceable)

Quotes about Take Oops: Platinum gold oops upside your knot -Sunz Of Man (Illusions)

Quote about Take Oops: Oops, for all the lies you told -Blu Cantrell (Hit`Em Up StyleOops!)

Take Oops Sayings: Oops, now watch that beat on TMZ -Tyga (What They Want)

Take Oops Saying: Oops, there goes the love I had -Blu Cantrell (Hit`Em Up StyleOops!)

Take Oops Greetings: Oops did it again, dance floor crowded, -Deitrick Haddon (Oh Yeah)

Take Oops Messages: Oops, there goes the time, we spent away -Blu Cantrell (Hit`Em Up StyleOops!)

Sayings about Take Oops: Oops, there goes the house, we made a home -Blu Cantrell (Hit`Em Up StyleOops!)

Saying about Take Oops: Feel me like finger tip oops, I slipped again -DJ Maj (Ooh Aah)

Take Oops Quotes: Oops, there goes the dreams, we used to say -Blu Cantrell (Hit`Em Up StyleOops!)

Take Oops Quote: Oops, there goes you'll never leave me alone -Blu Cantrell (Hit`Em Up StyleOops!)

Quotes about Take Oops: Oops, I could make it juz jump in my coupe -Nick Cannon (Dime Piece Edited)

Quote about Take Oops: Oops, there's a couple who could not wait to get home -Guy Clark (Out in the Parking Lot)

Take Oops Sayings: What about famine and disease, well they said it's too bad, oops -Sam Sparro (21st Century Life)

Take Oops Saying: oops I be killin'em nanunya maximum amman gigo narabwaja non minimum onuse yugnyon -1Tym (Put'em Up)

Take Oops Greetings: Ernie: Oops. There's a big furry striped animal in this tree with us. -Sesame Street (Tiger Hunt)

Take Oops Messages: 2000 zero zero party over, oops, out of time -Prince (1999)