The Cross Quotes

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The Cross Quotes: You carry me to the cross, the cross -Kutless (Carry Me to the Cross Acoustic)

The Cross Quote: Double cross you they got to triple cross me -Jay-Z (Always Be My Sunshine)

Quotes about The Cross: At the cross God wrapped his heart in flesh and blood and let it be nailed to the cross for our redemption.

Quote about The Cross: The symbol of love is not the heart, but the cross. For the heart stops beating, but the man on the cross never stops loving.

The Cross Sayings: Cross my heart and cross my eyes -Vic Chesnutt (Gluefoot)

The Cross Saying: It's a cross of thorns, cross of thorns -Black Sabbath (Cross Of Thorns)

The Cross Greetings: At the Headless Cross, oh, at the Headless Cross -Powerwolf (Headless Cross)

The Cross Messages: From a cross of thorns, cross of thorns -Black Sabbath (Cross Of Thorns)

Sayings about The Cross: 'Cross the sea -Jack's Mannequin (Ten Days Gone)

Saying about The Cross: 'cross the flames -Admiral Twin (Dancing on the Sun)

The Cross Quotes: Cross the landscapes, -Soror Dolorosa (Sound & Death)

The Cross Quote: Cross the ice -Biafra Jello (Mascot Mania)

Quotes about The Cross: Cross the river -Donny Osmond (Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home)

Quote about The Cross: Spitting on the cross -Vokodlok (Decay)

The Cross Sayings: Fear the holy cross -Axxis (Fan The Flames)

The Cross Saying: Cross the river styx -Iced Earth (Dante¹s Inferno)

The Cross Greetings: Under the reverse cross -Sabbat 'Jpn' (Evil Nations)

The Cross Messages: Before the holy cross -Unleashed (Burnt Alive)