Words Quotes

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Words Quotes: Understand the value of words. Speak pure words, words that give happiness.

Words Quote: I'm sick of these words, words, words -Jessica Andrews (Whatever)

Quotes about Words: Get what you can with words, because words are free, but the words of an armed man ring that much sweeter. -Joe Abercrombie

Quote about Words: words, words, words have you heard -Dave Matthews Band (Pay For What You Get)

Words Sayings: Words we regret most are not the words that we have said but words that were left unspoken. -Sushan Sharma

Words Saying: Verbal abuse is still abuse. It's abuse in the form of words. Don't assume that a few hurtful words won't cost them their life. Words hurt.

Words Greetings: There were words between us, words that hurt inside -Deborah Cox (Couldn't We)

Words Messages: We have words but sometimes words say too much -Hothouse Flowers (Trying to Get Through)

Sayings about Words: With these words, my words, just let it be known -Arsis (Let Me Be the One)

Saying about Words: Words were words weren't all I could say -Goldenhorse (Trinkity Trunk)

Words Quotes: For when all else is done, only words remain. Words endure. -Kate Mosse

Words Quote: 'Words can be neat yeah but words hold no heat -Tellison (Tell It To Thebes)

Quotes about Words: Words, words you're married to your -Sunny Day Real Estate (Song About an Angel)

Quote about Words: Wanna tell you words, words of love -Beyonce Knowles (The Closer I Get To You)

Words Sayings: Words. Words you spit we´ve had enough of it. -Narrows (Face Paint)

Words Saying: There's small Revenge in Words, but Words may be greatly revenged -Benjamin Franklin

Words Greetings: The words are never proper words -Hüsker Dü (I Don't Know For Sure)

Words Messages: Words to comfort words for friendship -Celine Dion (Good God's Voice)