Yo Not Quotes

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Yo Not Quotes: Wild man rest in peace, Ant-Live, yo, yo, yo, yo -A (Gotta Have It)

Yo Not Quote: Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, hoo, hum -The-Dream (Touch & Feel)

Quotes about Yo Not: Yo yo, yo yo, later for these hater-players -Black Star (Hater Players)

Quote about Yo Not: You know I mean, yo-yo-yo-yo baby -Z-Ro (Jus' A Hoe)

Yo Not Sayings: Yo left and yo right and you do not see a woman in sight -Ludacris (Pimpin' All Over The WorldFt.)

Yo Not Saying: And I wanna be yo homeboy, yo boyfriend, yo boo, and yo best friend -B5 (U Got Me)

Yo Not Greetings: Yo, yo, yo, yo, this rap game lovely -Big Boi (Tomb Of Boom)

Yo Not Messages: Oh, my God, yo yo yo, ay yo -Lox (Bring It On)

Sayings about Yo Not: 'Cause after we beat yo azz yo gon lose yo life -Waka Flocka Flame (2 Deep)

Saying about Yo Not: Yo, yo, yo, you can't escape from the Dr. of Doom -RZA (Holocaust Silkworm)

Yo Not Quotes: Yo, yo, yo, up in the Hilton, buildin, playin outfieldin -La The Darkman (Spring Water)

Yo Not Quote: Yo yo yo drug connects, diamond cut bergets drippin' wet -A (A+Z)

Quotes about Yo Not: Eh yo, yo, yo, how we do this -A (Boyz 2 Men)

Quote about Yo Not: Yo, yo, yo, we are street soldiers -Killarmy (Wake Up)

Yo Not Sayings: Yo, yo, dropped down a manhole, yo -RZA (Holocaust Silkworm)

Yo Not Saying: Le police kenbe yo yo tire yo -Jean Wyclef (Ghetto Racine PJ's Creole Mix)

Yo Not Greetings: Yo yo yo my name is kerry -Thimbou (Kerry Rap)

Yo Not Messages: Le imigrasyon pran yo yo depote yo -Jean Wyclef (Ghetto Racine PJ's Creole Mix)