Collect Your Jar of Quotes

Be alert. -Jesse Neo

We all bring out the best within each other. -Jesse Neo

Light and darkness cannot exist without each other. -Jesse Neo

Do not let your hurts shape your future. -Jesse Neo

Respect and patience are infinitely important. -Jesse Neo

You often face difficulties not for doing something wrong, but for doing something right. -Jesse Neo

Being shy isn't bad. -Jesse Neo

Compassion is the most transformative emotion. -Jesse Neo

There is no enjoyment in an easy win, for sincere gratification comes from the work and buildup along the way. -Jesse Neo

Just because it shines, does not mean it is a gem; and not shining does not mean it is not a gem. -Jesse Neo

Try your hardest. -Jesse Neo

Beauty is about knowing and accepting who you are. -Jesse Neo

Your life is a book, and the pen is in your own hands. -Jesse Neo

Things you enjoy are not a waste of time. -Jesse Neo

Your heart knows the way more than other people ever could. -Jesse Neo

Stars would not shine as bright if not for the darkness. -Jesse Neo

Don't judge a book by its cover. -Jesse Neo

Do what you feel comfortable with, no matter what others think. -Jesse Neo

Romantic bonds are not the most important in life, so don't overlook your friends and the ones who care about you. -Jesse Neo

No matter how long you've traveled in the wrong direction, you can always turn around. -Jesse Neo

Even when the currents go against you, just keep swimming. -Jesse Neo

Why fit in when you can stand out? -Jesse Neo

Onwards, valiant steed! -Jesse Neo

Be selfless. -Jesse Neo

There's someone out there who would walk a thousand miles to see you. -Jesse Neo

If they make you feel, then they are real. -Jesse Neo

Don't let others lead you on. -Jesse Neo

Fame means nothing in the end, but rightneousness reaches out in everyone's hearts. Do what is right, regardless of how

Every experience counts. -Jesse Neo

Be yourself, for trying to be anything else will not get you anywhere. -Jesse Neo

Don't place others' lives in risk, at any and all costs. -Jesse Neo

Everyone sees colours differently, and everyone has their own favourite colour. So why is there such a huge fuss with them? -Jesse Neo

Trying matters more than succeeding. -Jesse Neo

Regardless of how much time has passed, the moon, sun and stars have always been there. -Jesse Neo

Sometimes, fragile leaves travel farther than sturdy ones; the real difference is determination. -Jesse Neo

Remember the good memories, not the bad. -Jesse Neo

Any little bit helps, for the world is all made up of little bits. -Jesse Neo

The mindless hatred of strangers can't teach anything, but a close friend's small gesture might change your entire world. -Jesse Neo

Try to offer smiles instead of judgment. -Jesse Neo

Practice as if you've just begun. -Jesse Neo

Leave the best trail possible. -Jesse Neo

Friendship isn't something you ask of another. It's what you feel from another. -Jesse Neo

Only promise to do what you really will do. -Jesse Neo

Jealousy at times cannot be helped, but whether you act on it or not is on your hands. -Jesse Neo

We are all capable of a butterfly's metamorphosis. -Jesse Neo

Practice, practice, practice. -Jesse Neo

Nothing feels better than seeing the result of hard work. -Jesse Neo

All letters are equal. -Jesse Neo

Robots are in fact not that different from humans. -Jesse Neo

It is not about perfection, but about effort. -Jesse Neo

The secret is sharing our dreams. -Jesse Neo

Be a warrior, not a worrier. -Jesse Neo

Don't look down on anyone or anything. -Jesse Neo

Don't judge one's story by the chapter you walked in on. -Jesse Neo

You are what you do, not what you say you will do. -Jesse Neo

There's a reason most creatures move forward, and not backwards. -Jesse Neo

You have to prove yourself to yourself, not to others. -Jesse Neo

Not all wars are only fought once. -Jesse Neo

Nothing's wrong with a few lazy afternoons. -Jesse Neo

Pebbles along the way make things more interesting. A straight, polished path is just way too boring. -Jesse Neo

Fishermen have always known the dangers of the sea, yet it never stopped them from rowing out there. -Jesse Neo

Sow solidarity, reap happiness. -Jesse Neo

War is, in fact, meaningless. -Jesse Neo

Nobody has the power to bring you down. -Jesse Neo

Try to help, regardless if it's only one thing or many. -Jesse Neo

When something breaks apart, don't try to put the pieces back the way they were, but make something new with them. -Jesse Neo

Keep calm, for this, too, shall pass. -Jesse Neo

Your beloveds can tell that you love them, but reminders never hurt. -Jesse Neo

Forget the doors that closed behind you, and instead rush towards the ones open before you. -Jesse Neo

Don't pretend to not be part of the world's healing. -Jesse Neo

Money is an illusion that brings nothing in the end. -Jesse Neo

Remember all those things you want to do? Go and do them. -Jesse Neo

Don't wait around; dreams aren't going to pursue you. You are the one who has to pursue them. -Jesse Neo

Sharing a little piece of your heart can do wonders. -Jesse Neo

In matters of principle, stand like a mountain. -Jesse Neo

Strive to do better. -Jesse Neo

Exist on your own terms. -Jesse Neo

Everyone is a soldier in their own right. -Jesse Neo

Be the reason someone smiles today. -Jesse Neo

No matter how you feel, get up. -Jesse Neo

We've reached the stars. There's nothing we cannot do. -Jesse Neo

It might be hard, but hard isn't impossible. -Jesse Neo

Apologizing is worlds better to your psychic than refusing to, or keeping silent. -Jesse Neo

Draw your own map of the future. -Jesse Neo

Stop trying to find differences, and instead try to find similarities. -Jesse Neo

Everyone can change the world, so remember, everyone's counting on you. -Jesse Neo

Be wary of every lesson they try to teach you. -Jesse Neo

A little downpour is healthy every now and then. -Jesse Neo

The most important battles to overcome are, in fact, fought over and over again in your life. -Jesse Neo

Moderation is key. -Jesse Neo

Even a singular smile or compliment can brighten one's day incredibly, so encourage others as much as possible. -Jesse Neo

What you think is negligible and silly might mean the world to another. -Jesse Neo

If birds can fly, why can't we? -Jesse Neo

Nothing is as it seems. -Jesse Neo

When the day is done, don't mull over it; just think forward. -Jesse Neo

Remember to drink water and positivity. -Jesse Neo

Fuse with the world. -Jesse Neo

The world cannot change if it doesn't move. If you'd like it to move, don't pretend it has nothing to do with you; stretch your hands and arms, and get the movement going. -Jesse Neo

Stay focused. -Jesse Neo

The only test worth passing is the test of life. -Jesse Neo

Age doesn't matter. -Jesse Neo

The ocean is full of fish. -Jesse Neo

Don't stay around watching the clock. Do what it does: keep moving. -Jesse Neo

You are what you do. -Jesse Neo

Helping others become stronger raises your own strength. -Jesse Neo

Better late than never. -Jesse Neo

Help bugs on their feet, help others on their feet. -Jesse Neo

Love and kindness are the only ones who truly make a difference in the end. -Jesse Neo

Save each and every one. -Jesse Neo

You are yourself, and not what your parents, your children, your spouse, or your friends are. -Jesse Neo

Your passion is priceless. -Jesse Neo

Be prepared for tomorrow by doing it today. -Jesse Neo

Train your ears and mind to hear their blinding lies. -Jesse Neo

Anyone can be a lifesaver. -Jesse Neo

Many things need a push or pull to begin. -Jesse Neo

Give others their space. -Jesse Neo

Some people need more time than others. -Jesse Neo

Scars are not something to be ashamed of, but rather, proud. -Jesse Neo

To get ahead, you must get started. -Jesse Neo

You can't see any of the doors open before you if you're always looking down. -Jesse Neo

Giving others pieces of your heart works better than giving pieces of your mind. -Jesse Neo

Be a voice, not an echo. -Jesse Neo

Surround yourself with those who see greatness in you. -Jesse Neo

Don't create more invisible barriers between you and your kin. -Jesse Neo

Friendship isn't created by asking or searching; you'll just know it when you feel it. -Jesse Neo

If you think about hating on something, consider: don't. -Jesse Neo

You can find out someone is truly compassionate and kind when they worry about worlds you cannot see. -Jesse Neo

Together we can overcome all the odds. -Jesse Neo

Enjoy yourself. -Jesse Neo

Honesty is greater and richer than any mansion or thousands of chests filled with gold. -Jesse Neo

Fail, get up, and fail better each time. -Jesse Neo

Every opportunity is unique. -Jesse Neo

Beauty lies in diversity. -Jesse Neo

A lonely hand can barely wash itself. -Jesse Neo

The future is on your hands. -Jesse Neo

Nothing brings out our passion more than the desire to help, the desire to serve. -Jesse Neo

Sometimes, when you want to be part of something and there's nothing like it around, you have to found it yourself. -Jesse Neo

No attempts are futile. -Jesse Neo

If they feel joy in hurting you, they are not your friends. -Jesse Neo

An embrace can protect more than you imagine. -Jesse Neo

Age and size don't matter; not even the sky is the limit, and you will only reach up there with the legs you've built, not the ones you were born with. -Jesse Neo

If there isn't a bridge, build one. -Jesse Neo

You're not invincible, and that's not bad. It is what makes you feel compassion. -Jesse Neo

Determine your goals. -Jesse Neo