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Speak of hope, speak of love. -Jesse Neo

Peace is when everyone will be able to enjoy themselves without fear. -Jesse Neo

If you see others dancing, don't think them crazy; dance with them. -Jesse Neo

There's someone out there who will see your flaws as part of your charm. -Jesse Neo

Being born from your parents does not make you their belonging. -Jesse Neo

What matters isn't if someone LOOKS scary, but if they DO scary things. -Jesse Neo

The heart is capable of opening all doors. -Jesse Neo

Draw your map of the future. -Jesse Neo

Make yourself such a high target that all the low people won't be able to hit you. -Jesse Neo

You don't need to fit

Do your best to be a good memory once you're gone. -Jesse Neo

No matter what it is, believe in something. -Jesse Neo

If you're gendering anything, you're doing it wrong. -Jesse Neo

Resist the bad with all your might. -Jesse Neo

Be like the sun, and leave your shadows behind you. -Jesse Neo

If you give up after your first failure, how will you ever succeed? -Jesse Neo

Together we are stronger than anyone else could be on their own. -Jesse Neo

Society's voice is not what they actually want, but what they were told to want. -Jesse Neo