Collect Your Jar of Quotes

The truly strong are the ones who know their weaknesses. -Jesse Neo

Make yourself useful. -Jesse Neo

The one who never gives up is unbeatable. -Jesse Neo

Take care of others as if they were your own. -Jesse Neo

Where you invest your love you invest your life. -Jesse Neo

Even the hardest of rocks can eventually be eroded away by the softest of waters. -Jesse Neo

Others' lives are very important. -Jesse Neo

You have every right to your own little space. -Jesse Neo

The life in your years count more than the years in your life. -Jesse Neo

Be so great nobody can ignore you. -Jesse Neo

Our friends are in our hearts. -Jesse Neo

Being able to help out is a blessing. -Jesse Neo

Be the guiding light for others around you. -Jesse Neo

The most important voices are wordless. -Jesse Neo

No matter how much you dislike someone, politeness is essential. -Jesse Neo

The happiness in your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. -Jesse Neo

Friendship holds hearts together. -Jesse Neo

The world's grounds also belong to you. -Jesse Neo

Though the best gratification is in giving, do remember yourself, and your limits. -Jesse Neo

Don't listen to anyone who says that your ideas are just

You are the best friend you could ever have, so treat yourself well. -Jesse Neo

You don't need to impress anybody. -Jesse Neo

Together we are stronger. -Jesse Neo

Do all you can for the ones who care about you. -Jesse Neo

There are flowers even under rocks. -Jesse Neo

Fly high. -Jesse Neo

The expert was once a beginner. -Jesse Neo

Never fear the fall. -Jesse Neo

There is not an elevator to success. You'll have to take the stairs. -Jesse Neo

Don't be satisfied with average. -Jesse Neo

Parkour performers and mountain climbers prove it; nothing is tall enough that you can't scale. -Jesse Neo

Ladies and gentlemen are both beautiful. -Jesse Neo

Limits only exist in the mind. -Jesse Neo

Root for each other. -Jesse Neo

Equality means equal for everyone. -Jesse Neo

You cannot truly enjoy the seasons without having gone through each one. -Jesse Neo