Collect Your Jar of Quotes

Success is not for the lazy. -Jesse Neo

Never feel bad for having high standards. Those who really want to be part of your life will rise up to meet them. -Jesse Neo

Things are only as difficult as you think they are. -Jesse Neo

A single compliment can brighten someone's entire day- or even week. -Jesse Neo

Patience is not only for the children and the elderly. -Jesse Neo

Everything is worth trying. -Jesse Neo

Being positive in a negative situation is not na?vet?. It's leadership. -Jesse Neo

History's greatest minds also suffered prejudice and scrutinity. -Jesse Neo

Judging a person doesn't define them, it defines you. -Jesse Neo

Don't do it for money, do it to better yourself and others. -Jesse Neo

What you are looking for is more in yourself than anywhere else. -Jesse Neo

All colours are equally great. -Jesse Neo

Nothing's stopping you from reaching the moon. -Jesse Neo

Your real parent(s) is/are the one(s) who care for you as their family. -Jesse Neo

You can never know when someone dear to you will be gone, so cherish all your moments together. -Jesse Neo

Life is long, so long as you will it. -Jesse Neo

The woods are not where monsters lurk, but where bugs and birds and trees rest. -Jesse Neo

Be the needed change. -Jesse Neo

No dream is ever too big. -Jesse Neo

It starts when you make the decision that you want more than you're afraid. -Jesse Neo

It's not about winning, but about playing. -Jesse Neo

The sun can burn, just as the night can heal. -Jesse Neo

Hear what everyone has to say. -Jesse Neo

Worry often gives small things a great shadow. -Jesse Neo

Don't do anything stupid. -Jesse Neo

Humility makes you more grandiose than narcissism. -Jesse Neo

The more we share, the more we have. -Jesse Neo

Forgiveness cannot change the past, but it can build a path to the future. -Jesse Neo

The sun shines even brighter after rain. -Jesse Neo

The great speak because they have something to say; the weak, because they feel they have to say something. -Jesse Neo

Take hold of your dreams, and dive in. -Jesse Neo

It doesn't matter if you look like an ogre; you easily have as much power to make others happy as a fairy. -Jesse Neo

You don't inspire others by showing how amazing you are. You inspire them by showing them how amazing they are. -Jesse Neo

Spending your life complaining won't change a thing. -Jesse Neo

The world isn't stationary, so why don't you move, too? -Jesse Neo

Be grateful for the small things. -Jesse Neo