Collect Your Jar of Quotes

Life is the movie you see through your own eyes. It makes little difference what's happening out there. It's how you take it that counts. -Denis Waitley

If you're strong enough to deal with the pain of being mistreated, you're also strong enough to let go and stand on your own.

I'm not saying that love always takes you to heaven. Your life can become a nightmare. But that said, it is worth taking the risk.

We're raised to defend ourselves but get suspended for fighting. We're taught to love but get judged on who we're loving. Life's ironic.

Without honesty, loyalty and commitment, saying you love someone, simply means nothing.

The meek shall eat and be satisfied: they shall praise the LORD that seek him: your heart shall live for ever. -Psalms 22:26

Through the Goddess, we can discover our strength, enlighten our minds, own our bodies, and celebrate our emotions. -Starhawk

Neither do they which go by say, The blessing of the LORD be upon you: we bless you in the name of the LORD. -Psalms 129:8

I'm used to losing friends, so this time won't be any different.

Depression is the inability to construct a future.

When the truth is that there would be no great Western music, and certainly no decent choral repertoire, without the Catholic faith.

To be free it is not enough to beat the system, one must beat the system every day. -Samuel Johnson

The basic American promise that if you work hard, you could do well enough to raise a family, own a home, send your kids to college. -Barack Obama

Nobody's afraid to say I love you. They are afraid of the response.

The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality -Dante Alighieri

Jealousy is a kind of civil war in the soul, where judgment and imagination are at perpetual jars. This civil dissension in the mind, like that of the body politic, commits great disorders, and lays all waste. Nothing stands safe in its way; Nature, interest, religion, must yield to its fury. It violates contracts, dissolves society, breaks wedlock, betrays friends and neighbours. No body is good, and every one is either doing or designing them a mischief. It has a venom that more or less rankles wherever it bites: And as it reports fancies or facts, so it disturbs its own house as often as other folks. -William Penn

Religion, for better or for worse, has been politicized in blatant ways that have seldom been equaled in American elections.

Society does not consist of individuals but expresses the sum of interrelations, the relations within which these individuals stand.