Collect Your Jar of Quotes

Fuse with the world. -Jesse Neo

The world cannot change if it doesn't move. If you'd like it to move, don't pretend it has nothing to do with you; stretch your hands and arms, and get the movement going. -Jesse Neo

Stay focused. -Jesse Neo

The only test worth passing is the test of life. -Jesse Neo

Age doesn't matter. -Jesse Neo

The ocean is full of fish. -Jesse Neo

Don't stay around watching the clock. Do what it does: keep moving. -Jesse Neo

You are what you do. -Jesse Neo

Helping others become stronger raises your own strength. -Jesse Neo

Better late than never. -Jesse Neo

Help bugs on their feet, help others on their feet. -Jesse Neo

Love and kindness are the only ones who truly make a difference in the end. -Jesse Neo

Save each and every one. -Jesse Neo

You are yourself, and not what your parents, your children, your spouse, or your friends are. -Jesse Neo

Your passion is priceless. -Jesse Neo

Be prepared for tomorrow by doing it today. -Jesse Neo

Train your ears and mind to hear their blinding lies. -Jesse Neo

Anyone can be a lifesaver. -Jesse Neo

Many things need a push or pull to begin. -Jesse Neo

Give others their space. -Jesse Neo

Some people need more time than others. -Jesse Neo

Scars are not something to be ashamed of, but rather, proud. -Jesse Neo

To get ahead, you must get started. -Jesse Neo

You can't see any of the doors open before you if you're always looking down. -Jesse Neo

Giving others pieces of your heart works better than giving pieces of your mind. -Jesse Neo

Be a voice, not an echo. -Jesse Neo

Surround yourself with those who see greatness in you. -Jesse Neo

Don't create more invisible barriers between you and your kin. -Jesse Neo

Friendship isn't created by asking or searching; you'll just know it when you feel it. -Jesse Neo

If you think about hating on something, consider: don't. -Jesse Neo

You can find out someone is truly compassionate and kind when they worry about worlds you cannot see. -Jesse Neo

Together we can overcome all the odds. -Jesse Neo

Enjoy yourself. -Jesse Neo

Honesty is greater and richer than any mansion or thousands of chests filled with gold. -Jesse Neo

Fail, get up, and fail better each time. -Jesse Neo

Every opportunity is unique. -Jesse Neo

Beauty lies in diversity. -Jesse Neo

A lonely hand can barely wash itself. -Jesse Neo

The future is on your hands. -Jesse Neo

Nothing brings out our passion more than the desire to help, the desire to serve. -Jesse Neo

Sometimes, when you want to be part of something and there's nothing like it around, you have to found it yourself. -Jesse Neo

No attempts are futile. -Jesse Neo

If they feel joy in hurting you, they are not your friends. -Jesse Neo

An embrace can protect more than you imagine. -Jesse Neo

Age and size don't matter; not even the sky is the limit, and you will only reach up there with the legs you've built, not the ones you were born with. -Jesse Neo

If there isn't a bridge, build one. -Jesse Neo

You're not invincible, and that's not bad. It is what makes you feel compassion. -Jesse Neo

Determine your goals. -Jesse Neo

Being different means you're more interesting than the others. -Jesse Neo

Get cocky, and you'll fall. -Jesse Neo

Search the darkness, search the light. -Jesse Neo

Place the dream in your reality. -Jesse Neo

Work until your idols become your coworkers. -Jesse Neo

If you change nothing, then nothing will change. -Jesse Neo

Do not think sleep is negligible. -Jesse Neo

A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage. -Jesse Neo

Fight for what you believe in. -Jesse Neo

If others are trying to bring you down, it means you're above them. -Jesse Neo

Count friendships, not money. -Jesse Neo

Genuine smiles adorn faces much better than any makeup could. -Jesse Neo

You can go where no one's ever gone. -Jesse Neo

Keep calm. -Jesse Neo

Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose. -Jesse Neo

You'll never be good at anything until you start enjoying it. -Jesse Neo

If they find you a peasant, be the peasant to become a royal. -Jesse Neo

Greediness might make you obtain a lot of monetary value, but it will make you lose a substantial amount of soul value. -Jesse Neo

Self-worth is essential. -Jesse Neo

No one can change your life but yourself. -Jesse Neo

Appreciate while you can, for it is sad to realize the importance of something only when it is gone. -Jesse Neo

Beat the villain known as yourself so you can beat the real villains out there. -Jesse Neo

If your ship doesn't dock into the harbour, swim out to it. -Jesse Neo

Believing in magic is one of the best soul energies. -Jesse Neo

Do not force anything to try and look

Spread hope, not gossip. -Jesse Neo

What you do speaks loudly. -Jesse Neo

The only reason they would force something upon you is because they want to have power over you, not because they're right. -Jesse Neo

Dreams are not only for when you're sleeping. -Jesse Neo

Don't try to take on everything by yourself; this is what comrades are for. -Jesse Neo

It doesn't matter what they are doing. It matters what YOU are doing. -Jesse Neo

Be kind. Everyone out there is fighting a battle you know nothing about. -Jesse Neo

Any help is better than none. -Jesse Neo

Crime never pays -Jesse Neo

Rain doesn't mean the sky is not smiling upon you. -Jesse Neo

It is always alright to cry (not to mean healthy!) -Jesse Neo

You can figure it out. -Jesse Neo

By calling someone a loser, you're already more of a loser than they are. -Jesse Neo

There's nothing you cannot do. -Jesse Neo

Heroes didn't want to become heroes; they wanted to change the world for the better. -Jesse Neo

Others might need a little help to move forward, so be that little help. -Jesse Neo

Love is powerful. -Jesse Neo

Just because someone doesn't seem to be dying on the outside, doesn't mean they are not dying on the inside. -Jesse Neo

Sleep well to live well. -Jesse Neo

No matter what your parents tell you, all paths lead somewhere. -Jesse Neo

For a clean soul, do your best to keep your surroundings clean, too. -Jesse Neo

Everyone needs breaks every now and then. -Jesse Neo

No matter what, keep on running. -Jesse Neo

If you don't want to lose to aliens, be the intelligent life form. -Jesse Neo

Together, we can soar above the wind. -Jesse Neo

Smiles and music are universal languages. -Jesse Neo

Life is all about resolve. Outcome is secondary. -Jesse Neo

You have to find your own heaven. -Jesse Neo

Let the salt of your tears be the spice of your success banquet. -Jesse Neo

Recognize yourself and your enemies as human. -Jesse Neo

Be exactly who you're supposed to be: you. -Jesse Neo

Asking for help is not weakness; it's self-knowledge and bravery. -Jesse Neo

Failing is finding ways that don't work so one day you'll find the one that does much easier. -Jesse Neo

Push and persevere through your tears, and crying will no longer stop you. -Jesse Neo

If you close your heart entirely after one rejection, how will the right person reach your heart? -Jesse Neo

Remember that you are yourself way more than just your parents' child. -Jesse Neo

You're your own genie in the lamp. -Jesse Neo

Death might come at any time, so always make sure to be positive and have no regrets. -Jesse Neo

Learn to ignore those not worth your time. -Jesse Neo

Remember: borders don't actually exist. -Jesse Neo

To hell with circumstances. Create your own opportunities. -Jesse Neo

Ask yourself everything. -Jesse Neo

Your dreams are, by no means, meaningless. -Jesse Neo

Different flowers bloom at different times. -Jesse Neo

You should learn about grass before thinking others' are greener. -Jesse Neo

Status is no more than emptiness given undeserved value. -Jesse Neo

Be an arsonist of igniting the flames of hope on everyone's hearts. -Jesse Neo

The more ignorant they are, the more opinions they have. -Jesse Neo

If you like something, vocalize it! -Jesse Neo

Wishing is easy, but what about working for it? -Jesse Neo

Don't worry about not having a blood family; your real family are the ones who stick with you to the end. -Jesse Neo

Even setting your goals is already more progress than not having any. -Jesse Neo

There's a fierce summer in your winter and a sturdy winter in your summer. -Jesse Neo

Remember: relaxation and self-indulgence are essential, and an important part of the creative process. -Jesse Neo

The tides of change are approaching, if you will them to. -Jesse Neo

Nothing worth having is easily attainable. -Jesse Neo

Don't give up hope until the very end. -Jesse Neo

Snooping is bad. -Jesse Neo

It won't be 'logic' who wins, but persistence. -Jesse Neo

You don't train to not hurt; you train to tolerate and overcome the pain. -Jesse Neo

Doing anything is better than doing nothing. -Jesse Neo

If you don't grow any more from it, you're allowed to walk away from it. -Jesse Neo

Let us all join as dreamers. -Jesse Neo

Even the most expensive tools are useless if you do not know how to use them. What matters is not what you have, but what you do with it. -Jesse Neo

It is better to regret things you've done than things you've not done. -Jesse Neo

If you don't see any way, make your own. -Jesse Neo

Don't mourn the day, don't mourn the night, for they'll always be back. -Jesse Neo

Investing on skills is always the best investment. -Jesse Neo

Nobody starts out big. -Jesse Neo

Don't think of medicine as miracle pills, yet also don't think they are worthless. Many need it. -Jesse Neo

If someone is suffering, it isn't funny. -Jesse Neo