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Cherish others' love. -Jesse Neo

Paradise is not a solid place; everyone has their own. -Jesse Neo

What stands between you and your goals are the excuses you keep telling yourself. -Jesse Neo

Create a life that feels good on the inside. -Jesse Neo

Bring hope to those around you. -Jesse Neo

Being good at something only matters if you DO that something. -Jesse Neo

A black pearl is a pearl nonetheless. -Jesse Neo

Stereotypes are small-minded oversimplifications. Don't make use of them. -Jesse Neo

Patience is a virtue -Jesse Neo

Not only count your blessings, but also make them count. -Jesse Neo

Thorned plants are not dangerous; you just need to know where and how to touch them. -Jesse Neo

Even hell has its interesting fellows. -Jesse Neo

Wanting to be successful without hard work is akin to wanting to harvest without having planted anything. -Jesse Neo

Try to see the good in everything. -Jesse Neo

No one needs to be watching for you to feel good doing it. -Jesse Neo

Don't spew the unnecessary, especially if negative. -Jesse Neo

If your life can save many others, you should try. -Jesse Neo

If you wait too much, the food will cool. -Jesse Neo